Chapter 1

Today was just like any other day, going to my summer job at the local McDonalds hoping to make some extra cash, while maybe picking up a cute chubby girl while doing it. Today was my first day on the job and I couldn't wait for all of the fat girls to come pouring in. I wait hour after hour watching mothers with children, and some girls who only ordered a salad when I hear a chipped voice say, "Oh my gosh David is that really you?" I look to see who it was. "Christina?" I was in disbelief. Seeing my girlfriend from the 10th grade come into a McDonalds. Christina, was anorexic back in 10th grade but she was something special. Then she got shipped to a rehab center to maintain a healthy weight. The girl I see in front of me, has flawless skin, flowing black hair, beautiful green eyes, and to my surprise, isn't underweight at all, she must be 20 pounds overweight.

"Oh my god Christina! Is that really you?"

"Yup it's me" she said "Can we talk later, I'm starving."

"Let me guess, salad and a water." I say.

"Nope," christina says with a smile "I'll have 2 bigmacs, a large chocolate shake and a cesar chicken snackwrap please."

"You look really hungry, I get off in 5 minutes, and i'll add another bigmac on the house." I say with a smile.

"Oh thank you"

I find Christina in a booth with only a snack wrap left, a jiggly little belly poking out from under her once baggy t-shirt, now skintight, and her daisy duke shorts. I couldnt help but stare at her full breasts and gorgeous stomach.

"Stop looking at me, I know I'm ugly but don't stare" She says with a tear. "I hate being fat but i have to take meds to make me crave food." She says,

"I don't think your ugly at all, I say, In fact, you are insanely sexy. are you free tonight?"

"of course I am, my house at 7? bring food please, and lots of it." She says with a wink.

"I'll be there" I say

As she stands up, i give her jiggling ass a playful smack. She giggles.

As she gets in her car i swear i see her wink at me.

I just realized i needed some things for tonight, I quickly get in my car, buy a box of condoms, 2 large pizzas, and a box of chocolates, a gallon of ice cream, 2 buckets of KFC, and last but not least, a canister of weight gain formula.

Christina must have gained 100 pounds i think to myself.

Standing at about 5 foot 1, she weighed about 89 pounds before.

Now, with a nice pot belly, luscious legs, gorgeous love handles, and voluptuos D cups, I would have to estimate she weighs about 180 pounds at least!
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