Desires and fetish

chapter 1 intros


Kelly had really done it this time. Her parents were hosting their annual fourth of July barbeque, and she had done what she has done at every family or social gathering since she was about 15: eaten. Now, when one thinks of 'eating,' especially at a fourth of July barbeque, they probably think of having a hot dog, a hamburger, some potato or macaroni salad and a few beers. Kelly's definition of 'eating' is quite different from what I just described.

At 21, Kelly was a year away from finishing her degree at a college far from home. She was a good student, got solid grades, studied when she needed to, and finished with solid if not unspectacular grades in high school. She didn't play sports, but she had a good metabolism that kept her body taught and curvaceous. She was not stick thin, but rather curvy, with a thick, bulbous rear end men would drool over. Her metabolism was, however, the only thing standing between her and any type of expansion. And it had been slowing down.

And who could blame it, really. Kelly loved food, and she loved the feeling of being full. Very full. Stuffed, as a matter of fact. Kelly loved watching her belly expand and become round and bulbous, and she loved how it made her aroused when she touched or rubbed it.

You see, Kelly had what one would call a 'secret desire.' Kelly hated what society did to the psyches of young women. She thought being a stick figure was nauseating. She loved having curves, a big butt, a nice chest, and if she had a bit (or a lot) of belly going on too, well that was okay. Why should a woman starve herself for the societal definition of 'beauty?' To her, beauty was a full belly, a big butt, and someone to share her love of it. Sadly, in her past relationships, she was hard pressed to find someone to share in her love of eating and growth. Boys mostly wanted to play with her big butt or sizable breasts, which was okay too, they were her pleasure centers, but that added intensity of a full belly or the encouragement from a man was enough to make her climax at the thought.
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