Fat maids

Chapter 1

A strange new service was gaining popularity in Bay Area. If you had the money and wanted to start a new diet in style, you could order a "maid" to clean your house of all fattening foods. The idea was to motivate people to lose weight by sending an obese woman in ill fitting clothes to pig out on your food stashes until they were all gone. Seeing fat blob gorging and getting fatter in front of your eyes had proved to be an excellent motivator.

The deal was very simple: a maid would come, eat all fatty food in your house and then leave. They could not leave until they had finished everything. Also the maids were required to be really sloppy with their eating and make demeaning comments about their size. They were called "Fat Maids".

Why would anyone want to be a Fat Maid? Surprisingly there were quite many. For one thing the food was free and there usually was lots of it. And the salary was very good, especially if you could handle a lot of orders. Naturally most of the maids gained weight getting even fatter than they were. Most didn't care and some seemed to enjoy growing bigger. All of them loved to eat and being a Fat Maid gave a good excuse to pig out regularly.

Colette had just graduated from college, but she had trouble getting a decent job. She felt like the only thing she had gotten from college was 100 pounds of excess weight. When she had started she had been a lithe red haired sporty girl who hadn't weighed over 120 pounds even after Thanksgiving. Slowly her relationship to food had grown more and more intimate becoming the perfect boyfriend who never let down. At first she tried to keep her eating under control, but by the end of her freshman year she was constantly hungry and had to admit to herself that she loved to eat and more: she loved to eat until she was stuffed.

Colette had also graduated as a BBW. Just before graduation she had broken the 200 pound barrier. She had thought she could never get that fat. She wanted to lose the weight, in theory. But in practice she had started to love the results of her recless eating. She really loved how she jiggled, how big her boobs had gotten, how much junk she had in her trunk. Most of all she loved her round pot belly, rubbing it tenderly after eating piles of fattening treats.

So after being unemployed and broke a few months, Colette spotted a Fat Maids ad in the internet. She had of course heard about them as they were a fad of sorts at the moment, and knew how degrading the job was. But from the ad she learned that a maid could make easily $6000 a month by working only few hours a day. She had to admit that the prospect of endless supply of free food played a part in her descision to apply too.

"Colette, yes?" said the stern looking business woman as she looked over her papers.

"Yes, mam."

"Soo, you've applied to be a Fat Maid then. Do you know how we operate?2

"I think so. You get paid to eat all fattening food from peoples homes. You show how they could end up if they don't diet." Answered Colette.

"Good. But you forgot one thing. The Fat Maids are supposed to be fat." Said the interviewer and looked Colette up and down showing disapproval. She herself was huge, easily over 400 pounds.

"But I've almost doubled my weight in three years and I eat like a pig! I eat more than anyone I know. And I'm always hungry. I promise not to let you down if you give me a chance." Colette pleaded.

"We'll see. If that's true you could have potential. But I can't just trust your word. If you want to show me how much you can really eat, you can join me for lunch."

An hour later Colette leaned back from the buffet table and groaned. She had put on quite a show and had eaten more than ever in one sitting, six platefuls all in all. She regretted wearing her tight jeans to the interview. Three plates of food forced her to open the button and three more plates later her swollen paunch had pushed the zipper all the way down and now it was pushing out of her open jeans, resting on her lap.

"Good girl! I'm impressed with your appetite. Maybe we can make something out of you after all." Smiled Selina, and continued: "But you really need to put on some weight and fast. I'm afraid you're not gross enough for most of our customers. So I'll add a condition to your contract. Until you reach 250 pounds, you won't have the option to turn down gigs, you have to do as many as you can. And you have to really pig out when the customers are watching and make sure they understand that you're getting fatter by the day the way you're gorging."

"I guess I can do that. I really need the money." Colette gasped and managed to smile.
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Severino 15 years
I'm currently writing a second installment in the same setting. The new story won't include sub/dom themes so maybe you'll like that more when and if I get it finished.
3days 15 years
One of the best stories in the field for decades.
Severino 15 years
Any preferences for the sequel?
Severino 15 years
I'll have to think about the sequel..My problem with stories is that I can't usually finish them and this time I did and I'm very glad about it. The concept is pretty nice though so I might write another story with a different main character in the same setting.