Fattening up a thin girl

chapter 1 the beginning

"Mmm, look at you," he breathed, pinching the roll of fat that had accumulated around her waist.

She stepped on the scale.

"137 pounds!" she exclaimed. The intensity in her voice told the whole story. "That's two pounds over my limit! We promised to stop at 135." She had considered stopping long ago. When you've never been that heavy, 135 pounds feels fat. You can feel it jiggle when you walk, you can feel yourself getting heavier and out of shape.

Yes, the weight gain turned her on. That's why she had gone along with it. The daily stuffings, the extra ice cream, the weight-gain shakes that had made her balloon up 17 pounds in less than a month. But the truth was, she loved being thin too. She was afraid to go too far before she dug herself into a hole she couldn't get out of.

"Look at me," she said. "I'm not skinny anymore." At 5'5", she had started at 120 pounds-- a perfectly-proportioned fit girl with flat, tight abs and a thin waist. Now a thin layer of fat hat erased all trace of abs. It puffed over the top of her pants like a muffintop. She wasn't fat, but she was by no means a thin girl.

He grabbed her hand and led her to the bedroom. "Sit down," he said, putting her in the chair.

Before she could resist, he had pulled out rope and was tying her to the chair. Of course, he knew she didn't really want to resist-- he knew this turned her on too. Forcefeeding, being forced to gain weight against her will. He knew she wouldn't seriously resist.

He pulled out the funnel.

"John." Her voice was forceful and urgent. "I know, it turns me on too. But I really don't want to gain any more weight. I told you-- 15 pounds, no more. I don't want to get fat. I have to be able to lose this weight!"

"It's too late for that," he responded. He knelt behind her in the chair and moved his hands all over her body.

"Look at you. Aren't you embarrassed?" He tentatively squeezed the belly that was just starting to spill into her lap. "I can't even see your abs anymore."

"John. Stop!" She wasn't sure if this was just fantasy anymore. The line was blurred. Their playing with the fantasy of weight gain was coming dangerously close to reality.


"I&apo s;m serious, I don't want to gain any more."

He picked up the funnel. Leaving the room, he returned with a pint of heavy cream.

"1600 calories." He opened the carton. "That's half a pound of fat on your body."

"John, please."

"You're going to take the whole thing." He put the funnel in her mouth. She wanted to resist, but it was turning her on. Was this consensual? She wasn't sure anymore.

He poured the cream. She took the whole thing.

He came back with another pint.

"John, no!" John didn't listen. By the time she had taken the second pint, her belly was distended, round and tight behind the soft, squishy layer of fat.

"Good girl," John said. He ran his hands along her belly. His hand went lower until it reached his target. "Look at you, you're all wet. You liked that." Truth be told, she was so aroused from the feeding, she almost came. He quickly rubbed her to a climax.

When the orgasm subsided, she saw the situation with new clarity. She was humiliated, fattened, in a body she didn't want. She had let it happen because of her erotic urges. She was letting this ruin her life. She didn't WANT to be fat.

"John, untie me," she pleaded. "Please, I want to stop this. We can keep the fantasy going, but I don't want to gain any more weight."

"Sorry," said John. "It's not up to you. I'm not stopping. I'm going to turn you into a little butterball."

"John... I like being thin..." She looked down at the belly sitting in her lap. She could almost feel the heavy cream being metabolized, adding a whole pound of fat.

"We're going to do this every night for the next 30 days. You're going to get so fat. That's 30 pounds in thirty days. I'm going to ruin your hot, tight little body. It's already ruined. What is everyone going to think? Your parents will be shocked the next time they see you. They'll wonder why you let yourself go."

His talk was turning her on again. She groaned inwardly. Surely he couldn't talk her into this, could he?!

"Nobody's gonna want you anymore. You're going from a hot girl in her prime to a fat slob. Look at how you're letting yourself go, you fat porker."

He grabbed another pint of cream and picked up the funnel.
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