Final fat-asy 13

Chapter 1 - prologue

The world of Grande-Pulse and Thin-shell two contrasting worlds. The floating world of Thin-Shell ruled by its Thin-cie, and the world proper of Grande-Pulse ruled by the Fat-cie. People from Thin-Shell were banned of travelling to Grande-Pulse for fear of the greatest curse in the world, getting fat. In grande-pulse however many worshipped the act of transformation from thin to fat. Many would carry the act of initiating the transformation starting in the age of 16, mimicking the similar process that occurs to f'cie who are people chosen to complete a task for the fat'cie. Those who are branded by the fat'cie slowly over time gain 20 pounds for each stage, in which there are 10 stages, but when one reaches the end and fails to complete their task turn into a blobber, a monster which roams with the only instinct of forcing itself onto other humans and turning them into more blobs. If one accomplishes the task however, theybecome obese, and become a crystal statue, to be forever glorified for their beautiful body. However, in Grande-Pulse today one does not see many people, a cataclysmic event occurred and now not many remain.

In Thin-Shell people beautify thin-ness and are protected from weight gain by their thin'cie who provide nurture and the continuity of the world.

Our events take place on a train. Where a vast amount of detained civilians are being transported by the Arbitry (the government of thin-shell) A man suddenly turns to a woman.

Man: "You sure you gonna do this"
Woman: "Just watch"

Suddenly the train erupts into chaos as she attacks the guards, soon we see that the other trains are being taken over by the prisoners, who know that they are being led to their deaths.

Another young man is leading the resistance

Young man: Do not give up!!!
Soldier: Ruush! We cant push them back, they have greater firepower!
Ruush: Then we will just have to fight harder!

We return to the young woman and man, she must not be any older than 20, the man being in his late 20's. Their respective names; Lina, and Zack.

Lina: There it is, the vestige of the fat'cie
Zack: They brought it this quickly?
Lina: We must hurry!

Moments later.....
Soldier: Ruush, we found these two 'kids'
Ruush: 'Kids', how old are you two, and what are your names?
Boy 1: Im 18, my name is Hope
Girl 1: Im Vanilla, and im 19
Ruush: Okay. Guys you must help me, we need to reach the temple, run there and help me find this girl, her name is Sarah. Run ahead I will help the people here and cover you. Now Run!!!

Their fates were now intertwined and over an hour, they were all within the vestige. Their goal, the fat'cie who had taken Ruush's fiance.

Ruush: So, Lina you have come. I thought you hadnt beleived us,
Lina: Well, I am here now. I am here for my sister. Suddenly someone was heard approaching.

Ruush: Sarah!! You have not progressed!
Sarah: No, I completed my focus, I will transform soon.
Ruush: Transform?
Sarah: I have seen the true beauty

Suddenly, a shine glowed within Sarah. Her clothes banished, revealing her slender 'beautiful' body. Then the transformation began. Her small A cup breatss began filling out, eventually reaching a D cup, her belly began developing rolls and began expanding forwards and sideways, her bum blowing up and creating a big rounded bum. Her thighs expanded touching each other, her calves becoming big as well. Her face rounded out, creating puffy chubby cheeks and a big double chin.

Sarah: I am sorry
And then she turned to crystal

Ruush and Lina: No!!!!!

They rushed to the chamber of the fat'cie followed by Hope, Vanilla and Zack. There in a a fit of fury, Lina attacked and so the rest followed. Before dying however, the fat'cie branded them, the begging of the end had begun..........

-To be continued (if well received)
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