Fun size

Chapter 1

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Brigit hurried for the door as the sky opened up and the storm thundered down upon her. Ever optimistic, she hadn't foreseen what had looked like the perfect summer morning turning into a monsoon of an afternoon and left her umbrella at home. “Shoot!” she cried out as she ran from her car to the first shop in sight. Parking had been a nightmare that day and she had found herself parked down a narrow alley, away from the main shops.

With a newspaper as a makeshift umbrella, she found a doorway to shelter under. Intrigued by the black tinted window of the door in front of her, she pushed it open and found the true shelter she desired. Brigit loved to shop, especially for clothes. It always picked her up when she had been feeling down in the past, and she hoped that it could cheer her up today.

She had been dumped the night before by her boyfriend Adam, and after a night of tears and terrible weepy CD's, she had pulled herself together and was ready to cheer herself up. As she stood at the front of the shop looking around, she was pleasantly surprised to see she was inside a new women's clothing store. At least she thought it was new, having never remembered seeing it before.

From a counter at the back of the shop stood a young looking woman, no older than 25 - Brigit's age. She peered up from a book she was reading to catch sight of Brigit. Brigit stood there, 5'5”, long, straight, dark red hair. She was wearing a tight fitting, white buttoned top that showed off her slightly under-whelming cleavage. Her short skirt also hugged against her slim frame, exposing her long, sexy, if not a tad too skinny legs.

The shop assistant left her counter and approached Brigit. “Hello,” she said. “Welcome to 'Women's Secrets Clothing Store.' My name is Laura, how may I help you?” Laura couldn't help but notice just how beautifully piercing Brigit's blue eyes were, and was slightly taken aback by how pretty she was.

“Err, well I guess I'm looking for a dress to go out on the town in,” said Brigit. “Do you have anything that would suit me?”

Laura looked over Brigit's skinny frame again. “I think we should have something that you would be pleasantly surprised with.” Strange way to put it, thought Brigit as she followed Laura over to a rack of dresses. “We have some excellent little black dresses you can choose from?”

Brigit frowned, “I'm kind of thinking something slightly more colourful than black, do you have anything?”

Laura smiled. “Hmm...I think we have something”

“Perfect,” said Brigit, excitedly, as Laura went off to fetch the dress she had in mind.

When she returned, she carried a beautiful, vibrant red dress that looked as if it would show off Brigit's thin figure perfectly. “It's gorgeous,” remarked Brigit as she went into a changing room to try it on. When she returned from the cubicle however, her expression had changed somewhat. “It's too big,” she said, glumly. “Do you have anything smaller?”

Laura, checking the label, turned back. “A size eight, I'm sure I could find a size six for you.” With that, she returned to the back of the store. A size six! thought Brigit. I used to be a size eight; I hadn't realized I'd come down a size! She took a look at herself in the changing room mirror. Sure, she had lost a few pounds, but she had always been skinny, and she had liked her look, but all of a sudden she realised that maybe she had crossed the line and was too gaunt for her own good.

Laura returned with a size six dress in hand, “Try this on for size, my dear,” she said as she passed the item to Brigit.

“Thank you,” replied Brigit as she re-entered the changing room to try on the smaller size. As she managed to zip up the back of the dress and looked in the mirror again, she saw something that seriously endangered her day of self indulgence. “It's still too big!” she cried out over the top of the changing room.

“Really?” replied Laura. “I'm afraid we don't have anything smaller.”

Stupid Adam! Brigit thought. Always telling me to watch my figure! Constantly making me worry about my weight! Even now he's making me miserable! Brigit broke down and began to cry. Hearing her sobs, Laura peeped around the changing room curtain. “I'm sorry honey, maybe I could order something in for you for next week?”

Brigit kept sobbing. “You don't understand, I needed to go out tonight. My boyfriend and I broke up yesterday, and I really needed this to cheer myself up.”

Laura put an arm around her sobbing customer. “Oh, I'm sorry my dear, I wish I could cheer you up.”

“Please, call me Brigit. It's not just that though. Because of him I've become far too skinny! I don't even fit into a size six! What man will want me when I don't even feel attractive to myself!”

Laura looked at Brigit. “You're unhappy with your weight, too?” she said.

“Look at me!” remarked Brigit. “I'm less than skin and bones!”

Laura began to smile. “Well...maybe I do have something you could squeeze into.”

Brigit stopped her sobbing. “You do? What is it? You have this dress in a smaller size?”

Laura smirked. “Something like that, usually we keep it for very special customers, but I like you, Brigit.” Laura walked into the back of the store. When she returned, she carried what looked to Brigit like the same size dress she had just tried on. Laura placed the garment into Brigit's hands. “You have great potential, Brigit. I thought that the moment you entered the store. See if you can fit into this.”
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Noarthereonl... 13 years
I just bought the mp3 story of this, complete with growing and fattening sound effects! very hot! smiley
CalebFebb 13 years
Wow, never considered the gradual angle, something worth pondering in future stories.
Tjpbeatles 13 years
not bad but it'd be even better if the gain gradually happened over that night? you know what i mean? as she clubs, she gets chubbier and chubbier