Gaining perspectives

Chapter 1

Although she had been turned on by others' weight gain and loved the smooth curves of larger women for as long as she could remember, Jackie had kept her desires secret from all her previous partners. It was never intentional, but after enough time had elapsed she always rationalized that it would seem downright dishonest to suddenly admit her true feelings.

This secret cast a long shadow over all of the sexual encounters she had shared in the past. The external pressures and presumptions of society also made her less than eager to succumb to what she viewed as abnormal and inappropriate urges. Jackie was perpetually dieting throughout high school and college, desperately trying to deny her genuine attraction to people of size and her own heavily suppressed wishes to grow.

She had dated various girls and boys and would get close to satisfaction but never actually felt comfortable enough to open up about what she really wanted. Despite years of silence, though, Jackie was about to give voice to something she had never spoken about with another person.

"Have you ever thought of gaining?"

Seeing those words written explicitly on the computer screen sent Jackie's mind reeling. There was no avoiding this question now. Her new boyfriend, Eric, and she had recently discussed their shared admiration of BBWs. This conversation had been eye-opening and had dramatically changed her perception of the new relationship. Being able to talk about something that had always been so hidden was incredible. Their sex life had improved significantly since this mutual admission, too. They had even swapped favorite FA photos and stories.

But this question still came as a surprise. While Jackie had recently come to terms with her attraction to size, she had never even admitted to herself that she really wanted to be bigger. But it was undeniably true. After a stint abroad over the past summer, she had lost weight and found that she was not excited about it as she had anticipated, but rather somewhat disappointed. Thinking about that experience and being in that moment, seeing those words, she knew that gaining was the best plan for her.

That this was one of the most sexually exciting prospects she had ever considered was only helped by the fact that her boyfriend was so aroused by the idea as well. While they were making love that evening, she asked him to tell her more about why he wanted to see her becoming bigger.

He asked her to get on top of him so he could see her entire body and have a full range of access to all her curves. Jackie obliged, and they switched positions. He began to run his hands along her sides, tracing the contours of her slight hourglass figure. While she could not have even been called chubby, a softness around her abdomen and on her hips was always part of the landscape of Jackie's body. She had been self-conscious of this before, but this was about to change.

He began to concentrate on her stomach. He rubbed it and started to explain why he loved it so much.

"I love the way your belly juts out just the slightest bit. All I can imagine is how much better it is going to look when you start gaining and how much more defined it will look. I love being able to grab on to you and fill my hands with your soft, smooth flesh."

He then started caressing her hips, squeezing slightly and bucking his hips more insistently, rising to meet her equally urgent undulations. Hearing Eric talk about her body this way made her feel more relaxed and desirable. She felt closer to orgasm than she could imagine.

"I want to have more of you. When you start gaining, I don't think I'll be able to keep my hands off you. You are going to make the greatest BBW! And I love that this is something I will be doing with you that no one else will know about. This is our little, sexy secret."

At that moment, Jackie couldn't have possibly been happier.

She started eating much more than she had been. Since the holidays were approaching, it was easier to add a few cookies here and there and sample a lot of candies and other treats at parties. Jackie always loved cooking, too, so even after the holiday rush began to die down she started trying new recipes and was sure not to skimp on oil and margarine.

Eric had been away on business for two weeks after the holidays. In his absence, Jackie had been eating constantly. She loved having the freedom to indulge in whatever food she could whip up or imagine. Since she was still a student and on a long winter vacation, she had few obligations and lounged around her apartment wearing cosy flannel pajamas almost all the time. She imagined she had gained a bit, but hadn't had the opportunity to find out for sure.

When he returned home, he was thrilled to observe the changes in her body. The definition he had been hoping for in her stomach was starting to take shape. As he initially surveyed her still flannel-clad body, he knew that seeing her naked would be even more exciting.

They wasted no time in getting down to business. As they had discussed, Jackie got on top as they began to make love. Her breasts were larger than before, and Eric loved squeezing them. But the real treat was her stomach. What could have only been called a feminine softness had been replaced by the starts of a real potbelly. There was an undeniable roundness that could be cupped in his hand while some of her soft, lovely skin still overflowed his grasp. Where her hips had been rounded, genuine love handles began to form. Being able to see and feel these new curves and explore her sexy body was a delight that Eric never imagined he could have.

While Eric enjoyed these new changes, Jackie herself enjoyed them as much if not more. Feeling him caressing her new rolls and softer edges was too much for her to take. She came suddenly, unexpectedly, and powerfully. She felt her body ripple slightly with the force of her own pleasure. This only heightened her enthusiasm and made her wonder how fast she could gain some more...
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