Growing together

Chapter 1

Steve groaned as he saw the line around the building as he pulled into Mcdonalds. "Dammit" he thought as he quicklylooked through the windows to see if there was a line inside. Well I'll just park and go in he decided as he wheeled into a spot by the door. He pulled the lever releasing the seat back at the same time hittting the lever to raise the steering wheel. Past experience had taught him that pushing back against the seat to get his legs out had a bad effect on the seat frame. It was now automatic for him to release the seat back and pop the wheel up before heaving himself up out of the big town car.He leaned back to get his legs out then heaved himsel forward to grab the top of the door and the windshield support bar. Pulling with his arms and lifting with his legs he actually easily rose to a standing position and stepped up on the curb. Steve loved the ride and space in the big Lincoln but getting out of it could be a challenge. It was a great car to take his customers out in, far more comfortable than his big dually pick up. Realizing he was already late he hustled over to place his order" 4 Mcdoubles two apple pies and a supersize drink all to go, Please" He wasn't that hungry and this would tide him over for the last appointment and then home for dinner. While he waited Steve moved

up against the counter enjoying the cool stainless steel as he rested his big gut on the counter. Not too bad he thought as he glanced down checking to see how far out onto the counter his belly rested. Probably a good 8 to 10 inches of his belly rested on the counter. He chuckled to himself thinking how his wife Tina would react had she been along. He could see the smile on her face as she would have turned and reached over and patted his resting belly. Well one more stop,he thought and then home for dinner.

He hurried back out and and got into the Lincoln. So much easier getting in than out just get my head in the door and let gravity

due the rest. he pooped the wheel down slightly and raised the seat back up for support and whipped out around the line for the drive

through. He made short work of the McDoubles pies and drink on the 20 minute ride to custom spindles inc, his last call of the day.

Steve walked through the door into the reception area where Jeanie the reception welcomed him with a big grin saying " how's the big guy today?" Steve smiled back saying " Great just finished a late lunch and this is about it for me today, last stop? Steve didn't bother to mention that the Late lunch was the second of the day for him. Jeanie said " Joe's in back waiting for you, but watch out he hasn't eaten since 2 and it's after 4 now" "Thanks for the heads up but He'll hit the roof anyways when he gets my price increase" Steve replied. "Great low blood sugar hungry and mad to boot, hope I can scoot out before you leave" was Jeanie's answer. I'll stall him as much as I can so you can escape .Steve headed back to Joe's office. Joe was seated behind a low table with blueprints spread out the over the entire top but looked up as Steve entered. "hey what's up" he called to Steve . "Brought over the price increase for your next order" steve replied half expecting joe to throw something. Yeah, I expected it,I saw the price of stainless went up was Joe's response then "how bad?" $2.80 a hundred and as each of your spindles starts as a 132 lb bar about $3.60 per spindle plus scrap variance on the new cost or just about $4.00 per spindle. At 350 spindles per week that's about 1400 per week more. "Aw hell" Joe exclaimed "and ya know I missed lunch today to boot." " Yep Jeanie warned me before I came in" said Steve. "Yeah I got involved out in the plant with some modifications and didn't get in until 12:30 so all I had was my afternoon snack that Marla packed", Marla being Joe's wife. Well hell Joe that's not so bad I've seen that snack and most folks would consider that more than a meal" Steve responded. "Yeah right maybe for a starving asian but not for a growing guy like me" countered Joe. I was 577 on the pallet scale this morning but no lunch so that will drop." " 577 well heck Joe that's keeper size Marla won't throw

you out" laughed Steve. " Keep it up pal and I'll point out to your better half, Tina that you're still a boney 380 and there will be hell

to pay at your house. You'll find your self strapped to your chair one day being force fed if you don't pack some weight on soon." " Geez Joe don't say anything she has been on my case for a couple of monthes now" Steve said. "and I mean almost every day" "So fix it before you lose that lil pear shaped goddess. All she wants is a full sized man not an undernourished stick figure. You know that" was joe's answer. Say ya knoe the Ale house is having their all you can eat fish fry on friday's How's about Marla and I meet you and Tina there for dinner" We could have several pitchers of beer and spend the night filling up on fried cod french fries and coleslaw and the girls get a night out feeding their guys. Sure sounds like an idea to me" said Joe. "Ya think there's any place for Tina to sit? They have those arm chairs there and she sure wont begin to fit in those or on a bar stool" repiled Steve. "Sure they have those two tables and booths towards the back where the tables can be pulled out and the seat in the back is that big long bench or booth seat. We could pull the table forward and get Tina and Marla in and then we could sit out front in the arm chairs. That bench is really deep as well so even Tina will be comfortable" was Joe's esponse. "Oh that's right I remember those two booth tables now that you mention it" answered Steve. " Ask Tina tonight and let me know and I'll call over and reserve that table for 6:00pm on friday. An all you can eatmeal will do us all good" " Good idea I'll call you tomorrow to confirm" responded Steve, " and I'm outa here." Good." Joe said with a smile" now I can go home and make up for no lunch"
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