Hollywood hunk

chapter one

Aaron POV

Man, I have to be the only dude in the world with this problem.

As a kid who grew up heavy, then moved to Hollywood to be a comedian, I can tell you Los Angeles is not a place you want to be fat. It's just not. They look at you like you sacrificed their cat in the middle of the red carpet.

But I didn't care, I was here to tell jokes, and comedians get a little leeway. After all, we make no claims to hotness.

I lost a bunch of pounds, but not enough for these folks. Fat, chubby, tubby, chunky...it made no difference. You're perfect or you're faulty. Those are your two choices. So imagine my surprise two years ago when a gorgeous Hollywood blonde couldn't keep her eyes off me. Turned out that wasn't all she couldn't keep off me. Emilie was mad about me.

We'd both had long relationships with others that amounted to nothing, but in three months, I was in such disbelief at my luck, I spent my entire advance on a big Asher cut diamond ring (I didn't know Asher from Smasher, but she sure did), and asked her to be my wife and stuff. Forever. And she said yes. A gorgeous woman who dug my belly, could it get any better?

You see, Emilie is a feeder. She, um...likes to keep my weight up so to speak. Okay fine, my wife likes me fat. She'd feed me pizzas all day and handcuff me to the bed if I let her. She's had weight issues herself, though she looks like a goddess now. But it was nice we'd both been down that road, and we both agreed a body issue would never have a negative influence on our relationship. Waistlines grew and shrank. Who gave a ***. What difference did it make? Did it change your personality? Did it make you no longer kind? We both recognized just how little that stuff counted for. Not that we don't appreciate each other's looks, do we ever.

We also both respected each other's careers, and when I had to make out with a hot chick on screen, Emilie knew it was business. And when she had to make out with a hot guy, I tried to know it was business, and squeezed my fists together. And she respected my desire to not watch that part of her movie.

She was always the bigger star, and so it went. Until...I got a part as the hero. You know...the archaeology dude all the ladies want with the leather jacket, dirt on his face, and shredded t-shirt? That's not all that was shredded on that character. So I endured a year long training, lost 60 pounds, and got hard, ridged abs. Now, when I take off my shirt, women don't giggle or look politely away, their mouths fall open, they swoon delight...okay not literally, yet. That's any wife's dream, right? So why is mine staring at Seth Neilson right now? God ***in dammit..."Emilie!"

Emilie POV


I embrace him quickly before it's all quiet on set.

"What did Seth want?" Aaron grumbles.

"Nobody can believe how in shape you are, doll", I say, with a kiss on his cheek.

"Yeah, yeah..."

Seth points to him, and gives a thumbs up. "Ripppped, dude."

"What are you doing here?" Aaron asked, "Isn't the voice over somewhere else?"


" ;Places everybody!" the assistant director screams out and I lose my husband to the lights and cameras.

Sitting around a set is no fun, nobody knows that better than me. So I take off so I don't distract him, and come back at the end of the day.

Shirtless - and being adored by no fewer than five female interns, grrrr - Aaron grabs a robe and ties it around his waist.

"Emilie must be thrilled. Before, I mean, I don't want to be mean or anything, but dude, you were kinda...fat...before..." his director announces.

"Heh, not this wife of mine, buddy, tell him Emilie, if she had her way, she'd tie me up and force feed me lard", he says with a wink.

"You just really gotta share that with everybody don't ya?" I growled, but pulled him into my arms and kissed him.

I understood I could lose him. Aaron had been famous for a while, but he'd never been a sex symbol before. He'd never been sought after, he'd never played the leading man. That kind of attention was addictive. He could parlay this role into the next and the next...and have no time for a wife he felt was holding him back.

"God, I can't wait until this is over, I'm starving", he whispered against my ear, and a wave of relief crashed over me.

"Well, for tonight, salads only", I said.

"Yep", he said. Whatever he intended, I was pretty sure I could get him big again.

The filming took 6 months, and he couldn't change much right now because it would be in post-production for another 6 due to special effects, and he never knew when they'd have to re-shoot a scene.

The night after the wrap party though, he refused an invite out with friends and suggested we crash on the sofa with a pizza.

I snuggled up to him, pulling my favorite cashmere blanket over us. "Two slices and a salad, that's it", he said.

Trying not to smile, I played with his ripped abs. Not that I got much enjoyment out of them, but I might as well enjoy them while they were there.

"Change your mind? Like me skinny?" he asked. Even muscled, he wasn't SKINNY, I didn't think that was really possible for him.

"No way", I said, "Now please tell me my baby is comin back."

"Now that I'm in shape, it would be much easier to stay this way, and I wouldn't have to do this again", he moaned.

"That damn diet took half my baby away", I whispered, put the pizza box next to us, and straddled him. "I don't want to lose any more of you."

"Well, I don't want to lose anymore, I just..."

I kissed the throbbing pulse at the base of his neck and licked upward. He gasped and moaned.

"I want my hubby back. Just a littttle something to hold onto that's all", I said, and was afraid I was whining. I grabbed his hips and he moaned. "I want a handful of my hubby on each side each, big thick hips...a body made to make love to me all night long, so round and soft...baby please, I miss you. Please, don't get rid of any more of you...."

"I won't. You'll get what you want, woman, you know you always do", he answered, and opened his mouth. I picked up a piece and fed it to him.
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