Honeymoon in bellville

  By Coop

Chapter 1

"Hurry up David or we'll never get a taxi!" My wife Linda called to me as I came with my suitcase. We just got off the plane to Bellville and were on our honeymoon We were going to stay here for a month. I came up to my lovely wife and kissed her on the cheek. My wife then saw a taxi and waved to it and it pulled over. We got in and headed to our hotel which was on the other side of the city.

"Why did we come here for our honeymoon again?" My wife asked me as we sat down and buckled our seatbelts. "My mother said the food here is excellent and everyone is rather friendly." I answered to my wife. "More like fat..." she retorted.

She was right. As we were driving to our hotel everyone we saw was very fat. I was amazed at how so many heavy people there were. Every corner the taxi driver made we saw nothing but big bellies, butts, and bodies. "How could these people let themselves go like this?" I thought to myself. I was a rather fit man of 130 pounds. I don't have much muscle on my body but I tend to keep myself in shape. My wife is a very slender woman of 120 pounds. We felt like a couple of outcasts since everyone else was so big. But we would soon find out....this would change for the better. My wife and I never had negative views of fat people. Infact there had been times where I imagined what my wife would look like with some extra meat on her bones. She had these same thoughts about me as well.

The taxi pulled up to the front of the hotel we were staying at and we got out, grabbed our stuff and checked into our rooms. The clerk was a rather plump man of about 250 pounds. He happily took our bags and wheeled them to our room. We were amazed at how wide everything was, the bed, the doorways, the furnature. We didn't complain since everything was so roomy. We unpacked and put our clothes away, when we opened up the closet we were surprised to find different clothes already hung up. We were very surprised at how wide everything was. I took out a pair of shorts and unfolded them. There were about 4 times my width. My wife also took a pair of pants out and she was amazed at how wide everything was. We read the tags on the back. I had a size 68 pair of jeans and she was holding a size 45 pair of womens pants. The shirts ranged from XL to XXXXXL. These clothes couldn't be for us I thought.

"Uh sir....I guess someone must of forgotten their clothes here." I told the clerk. He turned around, smiled and replied. "Oh...they are yours....you are going to need them. Trust me." The clerk then walked out. I looked at my wife who only shruged at me. We then put the clothes back in the closet and sat on the bed. I gave my wife another kiss and she leaned on me as I petted her soft red hair.

We then decided to get some dinner since we haven't eaten from the airport. We walked around to see if there were any good resturants. As we walked we saw 2 people infront of us. They waddled as they walked. The man had to be at least 400 pounds and the woman next to him was about 350. They were huge. The way their giant hips and butts shook as they walked was hypnotising. Not only that but my wife found it quite arousing as I saw here smile. I couldn't stop staring at them. They then turned around and kissed each other. Their mammoth bellies got in the way but they somehow managed to kiss. The fact that this turned me and my wife on alot was a bit scary but interesting as well.

We snapped out of our trances and we continued to walk. "Hey David. Why don't we try that place." My wife pointed to a resturant called the burger joint. "Looks like a nice place Linda. I guess we can eat there." We both went inside. There wasn't a long wait since the place was huge. It had to be. The chairs and tables were incredibly wide there. Me and my wife could of sat at one chair together. We then took our seats and had our orders taken. The waitress was a rather plump women of 350 pounds. I ordered a bacon cheeseburger and my wife ordered a patty melt.

"You know honey, I'm a bit concerned about all the people here. Why is everyone so fat? It's like everyone here was at 250 and over. I mean not that I'm complaining but don't you find it a bit strange?" My wife asked me as she drank her water.

"I guess people just don't seem to care about how they look anymore. I guess I kinda envy them, not really trying to lose weight." I answered my wife.

"They look so happy also" My wife added. With that our waitress came back with our food. I turned around and saw here walk to another table, her giant bottom was swaying back and forth as she walked. We both then took a bit out of our burgers. "Wow!!! These burgers are really good!!!" I told my wife. I never tasted anything so delicious in my life. "Oh yeah....this is way better than anything I have ever eaten" She replied as she took another bite. We both ate our burgers at such a fast pace, we then decided to order another burger for each of us since we were still kinda hungry. She went and got 2 more burgers and gave them to us. We ate them faster than before. We were so amazed at how good the food was here.

"I'm still hungry." My wife replied to me. As was I. I normally eat more than two burgers. But for some reason I felt like I could eat 4 more. We decided to this time order two more burgers for each of us as well as a giant plate of fries to share. We ate this as well. I noticed my belly sticking out a bit and my clothes began to feel a bit tight. But I didn't really care and shruged it off. I also noticed my wife clothes get a bit tight around here. After we ate we paid and went back to our room. When we got there we took off our clothes and sighed in relief.

"Well that was certianly a good meal wouldn't you say Linda?" "Oh yes defintatlly. And look! Someone left dessert for us!" I noticed a giant pile of snacks and goodies on the table. I was still a bit hungry from today and I took a cookie. My wife took a danish. We ate it then went for another one. Then another, and another. The snacks were so delicious. After an hour we ate the entire plate of snacks together. We then laid on the bed and rubbed our full bellies together. I noticed my belly got a tiny bit bigger, but nothing to noticable. My wife's breasts were a bit fuller and firmer. The way she messaged her nipples was very sexy. Her belly was also covered by a thin layer of fat.
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Mdy73 7 years
Nice dream about great place...
Akwolfgrl13 7 years
Omg so cute and hot i loved it!! Such an interesting idea if only it were real lol.