Life on the dark side

Chapter 1 - story of my life

I know most fictions are all about fantasy. Well, this one is not. This is my story. As I am typing this, I am sitting on my bed in my horrible mess of a room next to a bag of Funyuns and a litre or Coke. I just finished a box of SnoCaps (yes there are people out there who actually like them). Right now I weigh 155 lbs. The names have been changed to protect the identity of the people in my life. I just figured I am not the only one out there who likes super descriptive weight gain fictions, so I am choosing to give you a weight gain nonfiction.

I am a goth chick. No lies, no faking because it's close to Halloween, I am a goth. Black lipstick, chains, everything. I am not emo. Don't call me that. I am not depressed, actually I enjoy every moment of my life. But I am goth. I am also bi. I have been with a guy for the last 2 years, and he is amazing, but I need a girl around sometimes. All my life I have been a slim but muscular 125 lbs. I have always played sports, mainly volleyball and soccer. I still am fit enough to run 6 miles and not need a break. But then again, mt gaining story isn't over yet.

For the sake of privacy, we will say my name is Emily. You know, like Emily the Strange (lol). At 5'7" and 125, with long straight black hair, you could say I actually looked like her. But that was a year and a half ago. When I met a guy who would change my life for the worse, no matter how much I love him. And his name is Andrew (again changed for privacy). He used to be a model, and is one really good looking goth. But he's also a pain in the a*s, mean, and an alcoholic. But I love him. I get his jokes, and he's not that mean to me.

Anyway, on to the story. My whole life I have tried to gain weight. When I was little, I stole Oreo's from my parents and would eat all of them in my room. I ate and ate and ate. I also shoved pillows in my shirt. I wanted to be fat. But the most I gained was 10 lbs my freshman year of high school and that was with the help of Welbutrin (I hope I spelled that right), an anti-depressant they put me on to help me gain since I was borderline anorexic. I couldn't help it. My metabolism has always been so high I had trouble. Come freshman year of high school, in 2003, that changed. I finally gained a few pounds. Sadly, it all went to my thighs thanks to volleyball. My stomach stayed chiseled and flatter than a discus. My whole life I had naturally toned arms. Never had any extra flab. Come 2003, I finally had managed to drop the chicken legs and put on some nice 18" around muscular thighs. But thanks to genetics, I kept my flat stomach and lack of boobs. But according to my boyfriend my sophomore year of high school, I have always had a nice round bottom.

So I finally earned my thighs (yay!). Next step: Drink as many gainer shakes and eat as many burgers as possible until I get a gut. That was 10 years ago.

By the way, for those of you who weren't looking for me to just be talking the whole time and to actually read a story, skip to the next chapter. This is just the background info. The actual story starts next. You may need some of this to get what's going on, though.

Ok so high school, didn't gain much. I was always working and playing sports. College, same thing. Always working, playing college volleyball, etc. Never could get a belly, never could get boobs.

Oh by the way, I am adopted. In 2009 I finally met my biological family. I finally had sisters! You have no idea what that's like when after living with 4 brothers and your parents to finally meet your 2 younger sisters. I was psyched! When I met them I saw my potential. My youngest sister is kind of ditsy, and is completely unaware that she has massive boobs. Sadly, I stare a lot. I can't help it. She's gorgeous, and so is my other sister. Both have massive boobs, and were slightly overweight. JEALOUS! NO FAIR! How come I can't get that way? Well, since we have the same mom and different dads, thanks Dad for your skinny DNA. That was sarcasm.

In 2011, I met the man of my dreams. Andrew. 5'7", 170 lbs, all muscle, funny, gorgeous, nympho, life of the party. Everything all my other nerdy but still good personality exes weren't. And on top of that, he loved that he could play video games with me and I could actually beat him. What can I say I'm as big or a retro and modern gamer as a girl can be. Call of Duty, Zelda, Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, Super Smash Brothers, you name it I play it. I even cosplay at anime conventions. Hell yeah. I'm cool like that. Well he introduced me to bars and drinking, and I got him hooked on anime and Pocky (Japanese chocolate dipped sticks). This man changed my life forever. The story begins about 6 months into our relationship, when all of my life was about to temporarily go to Hell...
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