Lisa and marie

  By Hivu

Chapter 1 - epilogue

Lisa was getting fatter. Lisa was always a great soccer and track player. Her new stepmother soon revoked all memberships in any affiliation with sports and athleticism. Consequently, Lisa had more time at home being lazy. No longer working out, Lisa on her firm ass all afternoon eating and doing homework.

After the first month, no noticeable weight gain could be monitored. Unfortunately, that was because all the fat and inactivity was weakening her once strong muscles. The muscles held Lisa's body into a firm sexy torpedo. Now, they were jiggly. She wasn't fat or even chubby by any means. Her friends at school could not tell at all. All that was witness able was her eating habits. Lisa's new stepmother was an exceptional cook - only if she loaded it with some fattening ingredients. Without the aid of butter, oils, or salt, Lisa's new mother cooking was ordinary. Her stepmother was named Marie and had a rocking body as well but was very jealous of Lisa's. As a result, Marie had a thing against Lisa and wanted to "even the score."

The irony of this was that Lisa closely resembled Marie when Marie was in high school. Lisa had richer lunches of alfredo, Italian, desserts, and the extravagant. At home, it was buttery goods. Snack bowls full of caloric bombs were spread out over the house so Lisa would be tempted to nibble. This definitely worked. However, it also played against Marie as well who began picking up pounds as well.

By the end of the second month of the new stepmother, the weight gain was beginning to become noticeable. It was the beginning of November and it is very cold in Indiana. Naturally, Lisa and Marie's bodies stored calories as fat. Lisa's jeans were too tight on her.

"What the fudge? Why are these so tight? I know I haven't worked out for awhile but I would think they would at least hold up until Christmas. I guess I got to start working out again."

By December, Lisa had gained 16 pounds and Marie 11 pounds. Lisa ass was no longer that tight figure. It jiggled a bit and was definitely soft to the touch. Her belly took a hit as well as it grew deeper and softer. Lisa began running again in December. Let's take a look on how that turns out.

"Marie, I am going out to run now. Damn. These sweat clothes won't hold me."

As Lisa began jogging around the neighborhood, she felt better than expected. That is, until she started jogging for more than 5 minutes. She was winded. She was tired. Her muscles were gone and she was tired from all the fat. Lisa thought that she would try again tomorrow. Marie was not pleased with Lisa trying to get back her figure. To prevent Lisa from losing the weight and to gain more, Marie send Lisa to go on a cruise and trip to Italy with Marie's great friend, Mrs. Smith.

The Smiths were rich as was Marie but they were a large family. Lisa could not turn down the offer of a vacation and since it was winter break, why not?

The trip would be three weeks: one week cruise, one week Italy, one week cruise.
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FrecherTyp 10 years
wow that was hot hehe and i loved the secret feeding idea of this sexy marie ^^ would love to go on the cruise trip with those two girls , too ;-)

really a nice sexy story i hope you continue it soon with many more chapters to come ^^
Balloon 10 years
This is a very good storyline. Please continue!