Little big chef

  By Undercover2

Chapter 1 - Fresh Meat

Lauren, 18 years old and a rather petite frame weighing a mere 105 lbs had just finished her A-Levels, her favourite being Food Technology. Rather than applying to university like some of her friends had done she thought it would be better to go out into the world of work by hopefully finding a job as a chef for a local restaurant.

Fortunately there were a number of fine establishments in her local village, as the village was small she had known the owners of most of them for a few years, where better to start she thought.

It didn't take long as the village companies preferred taking on people from in the village as opposed to hiring staff in from other towns, made finding cover for work easier in the event of overly busy periods or at the last minute.

Her new boss was a rather large woman called Mary, who was a rather large woman weighing a good 300 lbs who made it quite clear when Lauren started that she was welcome to help herself to anything that would otherwise get thrown away at the end of the shift such as chips which hadn’t been fried, potato slices, and on weekends a free pudding. It was obvious that Mary believed that her staff should be well fed because as well as this staff also got a free staff lunch or drink which ever they preferred. Lauren was set to work every Friday Night and Sunday Lunch plus any extras that may be offered.

Over the next few weeks Lauren made friends with some of the other staff who were a pretty friendly group, none of them particularly small but not fat either she did however notice that she had gained 5 lbs throughout the month of September probably due to the fact she was generally eating more than she used to due to the perks of her new job.

She thought nothing of this as she was on the scrawny side and could probably do with gaining a few pounds, but didn’t want to have to get another new uniform already, “Better keep an eye on my waist” she thought to herself, whilst looking at herself in the bathroom mirror running her hand over her smooth and soft belly.

Just then her mobile rang, it was Mary:

“Hi Lauren, any chance you can work tonight”

“That shouldn’t be a problem” Lauren replied

“Brilliant, I have a favour to ask of you, but I will explain later when I see you tonight” Mary said

“Okay see you later Mary”

Lauren thought what this favour could be the rest of the afternoon as she didn’t just ask her over the phone.

That evening at work Lauren was busy cooking the orders that the customers had ordered, it wasn’t overly busy as things seemed to be slowing down come 9pm. Whilst working she had been talking to Mary about the usual village gossip, who was seeing who, talking about the events of the past week etc.

Lauren asked Mary “So what is this favour you wanted from me earlier?”

“Oh that well Bev who normally covers evenings through the week had an accident the other day, she slipped on some stairs at home, she is fine but broke her leg in 3 places; Anyway this has left us with a bit of a gap in the rotas, I was hoping you would cover her shifts” replied Mary.

“That’s terrible I hope she is okay, of course I will cover her shifts” said Lauren in a caring voice

“You’re a dear” Mary thanked Lauren.

As the weeks went by Lauren was starting to develop a bit of a pot belly, by no means fat but she defiantly looked more developed as her B cup bra was getting tight and her trousers were a tad snug now and had ordered a larger size. While Lauren was showering she seemed to pay more attention to her mid section than normal thinking “This feels nice but I what will people think of me if I keep this up” after her shower she stepped on the scales 125 “Not to heavy, but perhaps I better cut down a bit” she thought to herself.

As Lauren had been working for 5 weeks virtually every night she decided to take a week off on holiday, perhaps Spain, she checked if this was okay with Mary and booked the tickets.
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Jazzman 14 years
Hey. I have another suggestion that just came to mind-I hope it's not too late. The MOST I have ever seen someone on vacation gain is 18 pounds in two weeks. And the majority of that gain was gaining back lost weight-that is always faster. If this girl is gone for 1 week -please don't have her come back 10 or 15 pounds heavier-just 3-5 or even less-or maybe she loses a few with exercise. This is the chance to get the pacing of her gain right on track. I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes the story.
Jazzman 14 years
It is a good theme. Don't make the gain so fast that it becomes unusual. She's gained 20 pounds in maybe 10 weeks so that's not too bad at all. Don't go haywaire. You have some unbearably long sentences. Read them back to yourself. It would very easy to break them up-AND you missed some capitals at the start of some as well.

BUT! It's a really nice story. And since you have no ratings-I am going to give you an Awesome. The story is going to be terrific when you're done! Nice Start!
Undercover2 14 years
My first attempt at writing comments welcome, Chapter 2 coming soon if you guys like the first installment.