My first experiences as a fat admirer

Chapter 1 - the very first chapter of my story

I can't remember myself not being a fat admirer, it all started with my first crush, Pablo, he was the brother of my sister's friend, and came from Chile, I was 7 years old and he was 9. I liked Pablo as soon as we met, maybe it was because as a catholic school girl, i was used just to seeing girls, but i saw him and thoguht he was perfect, we had an odd relationship where we would always bother me, and I wold hit him, and we always fighted, but then there were moments when we really liked each other's company. I really liked his brown hair and eyes that matched mine, but my family became really close to his, and we would travel together, and even rent a beach house together on summer, so I started watching him without his shirt on, I think it's really strange knowing I was 7 or 8 years old, but when I watched his soft belly jiggle i was like hypnotized, he wasn't really fat, just chubby, but then I my obsession for big bellies started. When we fighted I would try to touch his belly, like hit him there or something, but it was then when I started fantasizing about we cuddling and touching it, I think it's weird it started at that age though.
Then, he went back to chile when I was 11 and he was 13, I was really sad. But next summer my father bought a beach house in a beach i had never visited, then I met several people. First I started hanging out with a girl that was a couple years older than me, and with a younger friend who's personality was of an older girl, well, we started hanging out with boys, for the first time in my life, it was new and exciting to me, and I inmediatly liked a guy named Aurelio, he was really nice but I was so shy we never really talked a lot, beside, my shiness was multiplied because we tipically hanged out on the beach, and THAT soft belly, I then realized it wasn't just Pablo, I liked almost any guy with a soft, big belly, I could imagine myself rubbing that soft fat, aaaa it even makes me excited now. Well, then came Matt, he was also really overweight; I remember guys in our group bothered him for his weight, or talked about it, while I was amuzed, and couldn't help fantasizing about them when I was alone, fantasizing about touching that soft fat, making it jiggle, even about them being embarassed of their fat, but I loved it, of course I was 12 so I never did anything sexual, but I got so turned on!
Well then, after that summer I turned 13 and travelled to a beach inside Peru and met a guy, he was kinda skinny so I didn't really liked him, but then we started talking a lot and I had never had any kind of relationship before so I started liking him, it was all okay, not amazing, just okay, once we were kissing and I touched his belly, he hasn't really any kind of fat but it was soft, and the first belly i had ever touched, so i fet like chills all over my body, after that, I started like offering cookies and that kind of things to him when he went to my house, or when we where in the beach house my mom rented that summer, he started eating candy and i kinda stopped eating and would give him my food, I really enjoyed watch him eating, he got a little chubby, specially in the stomach area, and I loved it! And when he asked me if he was gainging weight I would tell him "noo, baby", lol i was such a weird child, and once i was touching his belly as usual and touched his belt like unbelted, and asked him why was it that way, he told me it wouldn't fit him, i got so excited, but i just kissed him, and the thing is, the most weight he gained, the most turned on i got, so i even touched him penis and let him touch my boobs, which is kinda weird becuase i was just a girl, well but in the end he cheated on my and broke up.
Well, that was just the beggining of my story, in my next post I will tell my first experience as a feeder. Hope you liked it.
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Andresouza 11 years
thank you all very much! I'll keep going when I've got more time, probably tomorrow! but it's amazing to meet people like me, I'm 20 and never have talked to ANYONE about this, my actual boyfriend has kinda realized, but i have never told him like "I FEEL ATRACTED TOWARDS YOUR FAT" OR "I GET TURNED ON WHEN YOU EAT A LOT" but he knows i love his belly. well i'm really glad you like the beggining smiley then i'll keep going as soon as i have time smiley
Irma1230 11 years
go on!
FrecherTyp 11 years
wow that was very interesting and cute to read your first experiences ^^ i´m curious about the rest of the story ^^
ah and thanks for sharing your thoughts or experiences ^^