Master part 2

Chapter 1 - 1

The church bells rang out in the distance and I opened my eyes. I don't have any memory of how I got here. Looking down I saw a soft blue silk gown had replaced the confinement of the corset the night before. I also notice as I pull the covers further down that my tummy has once again been filled. This gown normally slid over the top of my middle easily and barely a bump was seen this morning how ever it pulled quite tight and running my palm over the top I could feel my stomach pushing back. I laid back against my pillows again for a moment trying to piece together the night and noticed I could barely see the tips of my toes over my swollen middle. How could this be??? It seemed no matter how hard I fought what ever this was during the day I ate so little almost starving myself I exercised and still some how this seemed to keep happening. Sitting up again I put my feet onto the floor and ran for the full length mirror in my dressing room. Looking at myself there was simply no denying it anymore. I turned to my side and held the gown snuggle up against my stomach and it looked as though I were at least 5 months pregnant. I then pulled the bottom of the gown up my body and over my head. Placing my hands on either side of my tummy I could feel how very hard and full it still was. It had very little give at all. My eyes teared up looking at myself. Was I sleep walking? Was this all just a bad dream? No man would ever want such a fat little thing as I. A few moments later I heard a knocking on my door I quickly pulled the blue gown back over my chubby little figure and ran across the room jumping back into bed and pulling the covers over myself I did not want him to see me like this. "Come in," I called out.

The door swept open and there he was. My servant Cory. He had been with me as not only servant but companion as long as I could remember. We played together as children. We both knew our places..yes.. but still we were friends and he knew my secrets and I knew his. Or at least I had always believed so. His smile always lit me up inside. Closing the door behind him with his foot he carried a tray with him to my bed. The silver tray was filled this morning with so many sweet treats my eyes grew wide just looking at them. Setting the tray on the table next to my bed he meant to draw my hands up and pull me from my covers to eat at the little table in the middle of my room. I pulled my hand away and looked down at the floor refusing to meet his eyes. This was very unusual for me normally from the moment he arrived in the room to the moment he was gone I could not keep myself from staring up into those cool blue eyes. They held me entranced and he knew it. There was no way to deny that my heart was reflected back in my eyes. Taking my chin into his hand he angles my face up. I still could not look him in the eyes. "Mel," he said still trying to get me to concede, " look at me." How could I? I was so embarrassed how could I possibly look into his eyes as drowning in shame as I was. Finally instead he knelt beside my bed and looking up into my face smiled at me. I could no longer ignore him and smiled back in embarrassed tears. Running his finger tips along my cheek he asked me what was so wrong? I shook my head not wanting to answer. he was truly concerned now I never kept my silence like this.

Getting to his feet again he crossed his arms placing one hand beneath his chin looking down at me. "Hmm what ever are we to do with my quiet mistress when she will not share the secret of what distresses her so," he said aloud as if he were speaking to others in the room. Had there been others around he would have remained stiff and formal their classes still clearly defined. Instead he crossed his arms and looking about to make sure there was no chance anyone would come by bent close to my ear and nuzzling it with the tip of his nose begging and teased me to tell him what it was. Finally I could take no more and turning onto my back I told him to take the covers off. I kept my hands up on the pillow my hands on either side of my cheeks. My eyes never leaving his face as he quickly removed the fluffy bed clothes. I could not move afraid of what he would say what he would think. I watched the strange color come into his face a light pink color in his cheeks. I thought he was disgusted by what he saw until I saw the darkening of his eyes. I couldn't move as I saw him swallow hard and I could see a trembling hand as he began to reach out to touch me. I sucked in my breath. This was a reaction I had never seen in him before. As I sucked in my breath my tummy shrunk back a bit with it. "oh please don't," he said. Still with out moving I asked, "don't what?" I never got my answer it seemed my voice had brought him back out of what ever place he had put himself and shaking his head he pulled his hand back quickly as if my body were instead flames of fire. I watched as he pulled back that hand and felt a loss of something I couldn't begin to describe. He had never looked at me that way before. I was afraid of what he saw and what he thought. I looked down to the round ball that was my middle this morning and began to pull the covers back over myself... how could he want to see such a thing?As I reached to tug the covers he stopped my hand and once again with almost pain in his voice said,"don't."
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