Chapter 1 - 1

For quite some time we had been playing this game. I admit I had no idea at first what the rules actually were. The truth is I did not even know I was playing. It all seemed harmless enough a parlor trick I thought. It was the costume ball every year we all dressed as whatever we dreamed of. I myself was dressed with a lace mask across my heavily made up eyes. My corset cinched tight enough around my thick waist to make my pale breasts almost spill over the top. Fish net stockings up to my chubby thighs my pleather boots up to my knees. A courtesan playing role for all it was worth. To feel free to allow myself the sins of flirting with any man I choose to touch and be touched. To laugh in the face of convention. I felt myself beautiful and sexy a dream of any male in the room. It was as I was turning away from another man that he appeared out of the shadows next to me.

He bowed to me the very picture of the devil in black silk I could see nothing but his eyes, but, those eyes held something so very sinister a promise of things to come. He stepped a bit more out of the shadows and though the rest of his face was covered with a clever mask it seemed to me that his smile taunted me. He reached for my hand bringing it to his lips winking at me as he did so. Another mocking gesture? "Good evening madam", he greeted me. There was something hauntingly familiar in his voice, but, I could not place it. I could not take my eyes off of him. His strong jaw line, those amazing eyes, those incredible lips. He was tall but not overly so those shoulders looked well built. I could feel deep in my soul that beneath that mask was a man that I could indeed lose myself to. I could seem to make my voice work for a moment until once again he seemed to give me that mocking smile of his. I pulled my hand away and bidding him a good evening turned to walk away. It was then that before I could go he stepped forward and pressed his hard form against my back. And wrapping an arm around my waist whispered in my ear, "come now my dear the night is young there are still many games to play. Or are you too afraid to play them?" Somehow I am sure he planned the words to sting me and paint me into a corner how could I say no? Besides I thought there are people about he couldn't hurt me all I would have to do was call out for help. His soft whisper in my ear made the chills run over every inch of my exposed skin. He would have to be blind not to have seen the shiver move down my spine. I nodded my ascent and pulling back he took my hand. I had not even turned toward him again instead I kept my back turned as he pulled me into the shadows. Finally we were alone in a quiet room just off the main ball room. I stepped forward a few paces into the room and from behind me I heard a snap! The door now closed and the bolt thrown a moment afterward. I began to question the wisdom of following this man into the unknown and yet the moment he shook his head at me accusing me of being a coward I laughed and relaxed a degree or two again.

He motioned to a chair beside the fire place in the corner and bayed me to sit. I boldly sat and sitting back against the chair crossed my legs and placed my hands atop the sides. Waiting to see what his next move was going to be. He sat in the chair across from me. I still had no true clue who this man was I did not know those eyes and those I admit kissable lips did not strike a chord in my memory. Reaching into his pocket he brought forth a chain with a beautiful jewel attached. It caught the firelight and threw out a sparkle. He gently explained that in order to begin the game he had in mind I needed to focus on the little jewel dangling off the golden chain not to remove my eyes from it but to relax and listen to the sound of his voice. I knew what he had in mind I had heard of hypnotism and had even had it tried on me before though to no avail. Alright I thought let him try what would it hurt? I nodded my head and he twisted the little jewel in front of my eyes. I clearly heard his words as he told me my eyes were getting heavier as I was to see myself walking down an endless flight of stairs down into the darkness....
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Built4com4t 2 years
have been re-reading some of your amazing stories, can't believe I missed this

why did you ever stop writing?
CrowsEye 11 years
It was good, save for a few bits where sentences kinda started to run together. But otherwise, great job!
Bellyastic 11 years
Yea Yea Yea more more more!
Bellylovinboy 11 years
Wow, that was an amazing story! Love the detail in it smiley
FrecherTyp 11 years
wow that was absolutel genius ^^
what a nice plot and the inner feelings of the characters made it very sexy to read (although i´m not so dom but i liked that idea with the maskerade and commands somehow) great story hope you continue it ;-)