My mistress prequel

chapter 1

All I could do was stare up at the reflection above me. I could feel the frustrated tears behind my eyes trying to simply turn my head away became impossible as the tortures red head that had brought me to this point held my head in her hands. She knelled down and placing my head in her lap she forced me to look at myself. I could no longer really focus my eyes began to blur just a bit. Leaning forward over my face I felt her lick my cheek and moan with pleasure in the back of her throat. This psychotic woman was enjoying the taste of my held back tears.

Placing my head back down on the cushions of the bed she crawled next to me. Laying on the floor beside me, I was too large for her to sit on the bed, she glanced upward. Stretching her body out in a slinky feline manner. She moved her graceful slim form and watched my reaction in the mirror before me. She was truly beautiful. It was a torture to remember what it had been like when I could move as freely as she. I could feel my arousal beginning to tighten to the point of almost pain. If I wanted relief tonight I was going to have to please her.

Closing my eyes for a moment I concentrate on taking the biggest deepest breath that I could. I opened my eyes again and catching her eyes in the reflection I purposely keep drawing that deep breath. I could feel my stomach push out larger and rounder. I pulled my breath trying to expand as much as I could. I held onto that breath as I turned my head looking at the tiny gorgeous creature on the floor next to me .I could not hide my girth anymore, but, she could not hide the arousal in her eyes. I watched as they dilated and her breath began to come in shorter spurts. I knew exactly what to do.

Two years ago....

The sun is shining down as I wait to take my position on the line. The foul that had been called allowed me the chance of the one on one shot with the goalie down the field. I stretched my legs and rotated my shoulders. I removed my jersey tucking it into the sides of my shorts. My biceps flexing the rest of my body built hard as if chiseled out of marble. Nothing about me soft I was determined to win this game. The crowd's cheering in the stands a roar that was almost a touch. Taking my aim more a gymnastic use of my body art made life. I connected with the ball and the game was over I had won the match. I felt many pairs of hands lifting me toward the sky. My day on the field over and the Adrenalin still flowing through my veins I helped raise the winners' cup. I looked up into the crowd and there she was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. Her auburn hair shown in the sunlight. I couldn't see the color of her eyes from where I was perched but her full lips lilted into a smile. Her slim curves were sexy. The skirt she wore skimmed over two perfect stems. The alabaster of her skin seemed to show no flaws. I saw her turn to a man beside her whispering something into his ear before smiling at me once more and disappearing through the door behind her box seats. It was obvious that not only was she beautiful, but, also wealthy. I felt myself being passed back down to the ground as the team headed into the locker rooms. I followed behind my mind not truly there, but, in the stands about and with her.

I quickly showered and dressed. I did a few interviews and began to gather my things together as the rest of the team headed out the doors. Many calling to me about meeting them later at one pub or another. I waved my hand and picked up my bag. I removed my phone from my pocket checking messages and smiling at the proud words from my family. I was walking full steam ahead even as my eyes never left the next txt. I ran right into the man the amazing creature in the stands had been whispering to. He stopped me from almost falling. Looking up and recognizing who the man was I immediately felt a smile form on my lips.

He introduced himself as the personal assistant to Princess Anna. I was of course properly impressed. She was not only wealthy, but royalty. I gave him my name and asked how I could help him. He informed me the princess would like a private audience with me that evening at the grand hotel. I was of course flattered and agreed to the meeting. He went to leave and stopped before turning and informing me the dress was to be semi-formal. I nodded and waited for him to go. I had never heard of a princess Anna. I turned back to my phone hoping to find some hint of where she was from. I could find nothing. Strange I thought but still she's beautiful does it really matter? Putting my phone back into my pocket I headed out into the sinking sun light and wondered which of my suits would properly impress a princess.

After a long shower and close shave I pulled my black suit from the closet matching a black tie. Pulling back my slightly longer curly hair into a tail at the back of my neck I nodded in approval at the reflection showing back at me. Grabbing my wallet and phone I called a cab and was off to my first meeting with my princess.

A door man opened the door of my cab as I finished paying the driver. Straightening my tie I walked into the lobby of the hotel. Everything shown with the polish and care the staff obviously put into it. I approached the front desk and told them who I was there to see. The clerk quirked an eyebrow at the name and picking up the desk phone called to the pent house to inform her majesty that her guest had arrived. Moments later her assistant arrived to escort me. As the elevator doors clicked shut I had no idea this was to become the first step in a completely new life.

The elevator doors clicked open as we reached the penthouse suit. There was a reason they called it the Grand Hotel. Everything in the room glittered from the giant chandelier throwing light all around the room. I stood in the doorway taking it all in. From my left a door opened and there she was my princess draped in nothing but eyelet white lace. Her auburn hair catching the light as well. She smiled at me before gliding over the cold marble floor. She extended her hand and as I gently kissed her knuckles I felt myself flush. I couldn't help it not since I had first made love as a very young man, had I felt the immediate rush of arousal. Those eyes I could not see before were a brilliant blue like the deepest oceans. I could read very little in them it seemed that she hid them behind a perfect poker face. I let go of her hand and she gently inclined her head in greeting.

The princess had yet to speak to me, but, when she finally did her accent was difficult to place a mixture of so many places. The husky undertones sent shivers down my spine. She invited me to join her for dessert and drinks. I of course accepted and followed her to the grand table in the center of the room. Looking at all the sugary treats laid before me I wondered was she expecting a dozen more guest handed me a plate and instructed me to help myself. I thanked her and choose a small frosted piece of cake. I turned to find she held a glass of what looked like champagne.

I thanked her for the drink and sat across from her watching her beautiful leg become more exposed as the lace she was wearing began to slip down her thigh. My mouth had gone dry at the sight. I lifted my glass to my lips and took a large gulp. She smiled at this though her eyes were still unreadable. I coughed a bit as the liquid inside was very cold. She asked me to tell her of my career in Soccer and did I enjoy it. Little questions that seemed benign until she began peppering me with question about my friends my family. I kept taking sips out of my glass as I told her about growing up in the foster system I had no real family. The long I spoke and continued sips the thicker my tongue seemed to feel in my mouth. As I finished the last drop in my glass I could feel my eyes begin to feel so heavy it was like trying to fight the harshest currents I couldn't move any muscle in my body. The blackness pulled me under just as I heard the Princess tell someone in a husky tone that "he will be perfect." And then I remember no more until the sun shone through a set of eyelet curtains.
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FrecherTyp 8 years
just read it again your brilliant story smiley

wow really hard to admit but i would like that just with the little twist that i had the chance to escape but allways had to choose between food and amazing seduction of this island queen ...) with some fitnes
FrecherTyp 9 years
wow where can i find that pricess ? ;-)

this was great !!!
Built4com4t 9 years
that was fun...interesting psychology :-)