The client list

Chapter 1 - the beginning

From the first time Olivia could remember feeling that first real stirring inside herself she knew she wanted the perfect man. She was not like her silly stick figured friends. Her tastes in the opposite sex were not the normal Hollywood perfect abs...perfect ass type. While it seemed the rest of the females around her bit their bottom lip and seemed to squirm in their seats when that chiseled spent far too much time at the gym type strolled by she on the other hand was making that muscle bound babe into something else entirely in her mind. She never told anyone about her real feeling she was sure no one would ever understand they would think she was some sort of freak. The truth was she was actually completely turned off by those perfect little six packs.

Sometimes she would go with a group of friends on a Friday or Saturday night to a club or a bar and while her friends ogled the "hot guy" with his shirt of on the dance floor covered in women and sweat. Olivia would instead allow her eyes to wander around until she found what she was looking for. There were always a few college guys or maybe a bit older that had that sexy as hell, at least to her, beer belly. They were soft and rounded. She imagined being cuddled in their arms and knew that is would be such a warm safe place to be. Besides she thought the problem with most of these muscle bound jerks was the simple fact that they could always be counted on to eventually cheat on their girlfriends or be abusive or just plain mean eventually they all figured that woman should be throwing themselves and their room keys at them.

Olivia understood the game rather well actually. She had actually been in the popular crowd growing up. She had been a varsity cheerleader and even prom queen. Everyone knew Olivia know as much for her slim build, perfect complexion and long auburn hair as for her academics and personality. She was never one of the snobby people. In her heart she knew deep down that though she may look like one of them she wasn't. It was almost frustrating for her when she was in school to try and talk to her secret type... the chubby guys of course, because they assumed that she was just messing with them.

It almost made her cry the one time she decided to step outside of her little comfort zone and defy the conventionally of her group and actually did ask a cute and rather heavy set boy to the Sadie Hawkins dance. She was really sort of nervous and excited when she approached him. She waited until he was standing alone and coming up behind him she softly tapped him on the shoulder. He turned and dropped the book he had in his hand. Olivia smiled and bent to pick it up for him. She handed it back and smiled once again. He still hadn't spoken a word. He seemed to be waiting for her. Tucking one long ginger curl behind her ear Olivia looked up into his blue eyes and quirking that dimple back into her cheek asked if he would like to go to the dance with her. His reaction made no sense to her. His color modeled for a moment. Then looking around to be sure no one would hear him he actually seemed to get angry. Accusing her in an angry whisper of being a complete bitch and it wasn't funny. Picking his book bag off the floor at his feet he slammed his locker door and turning away practically ran down the hall away from her. Olivia was hurt, confused then humiliated by his reaction to her sincere invitation. Looking down at the floor for a moment she held tears in check behind her eyes. And when a few of her friends came over she immediately straightened her shoulders and acted as though nothing were wrong. They questioned why she had been talking to that fat kid anyway. She smiled holding her hurt back and just said something about borrowing notes for a class don't even think about it. Yet in her heart something caused a reaction beginning that day and she swore to herself someday she would have what she wanted no matter what.
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Built4com4t 11 years
epic, erotic. heroic...thanks for your effort, fun to read.
FrecherTyp 11 years
great just amazing great characters and so sexy descriptions ;-) i would love to meet such a girl for sure ;-) thanks for sharing this nice story ;-)