The kidnapping

Chapter 1

"SOOOOOOOOWEEEEEEEEEEE PIG PIG PIG!!!," Julia ignored the sound as she continued toward her car after the bar closed. She knew exactly who was making the sounds and knew it would do no good to acknowledge she had heard anything at all. She held back angry tears as the drunken laughter continued behind her. It never failed any time she started to have a good time some where some jerk had to start up with the names and normally it was the same jerk. Oliver...she had known him since they were children and he had always been a prize asshole almost every day he set out to put her in tears before the final bell rang out for classes at the end of the day. If he could manage to do it before lunch it was a bonus. Julia knew she was fat she didn't exactly need the daily reminder from Oliver or his friends. Each day she woke and told herself today was the day she was going to begin her diet she would be thin and pretty, but, by lunch time her tummy growling she gave in and had the extra fries or dessert and sat alone at a table in the back of the cafeteria and did not raise her eyes from her tray. She had enough self-loathing when she stepped on the scale a few times a month and discovered to her dismay she had gained yet again. When the numbers on the scale her senior year finally crept up to 300bls she stopped looking and threw the damned thing into the back of her closet.

As an adult her habits never really changed but fortunately she had suffered through College and gained a degree..along with more than the Freshman 15 and choose a job that allowed her to not have to deal with the public face to face if she didn't want to and could there for avoid the names and snickers most of the time from others. That night she had gone out with the hope of having a few drinks relaxing and maybe even meeting a nice guy. She had gotten her drinks and had even met a nice man that she was enjoying just talking to when it happened. Oliver...he had come in with a group of his damned friends. He didn't notice her at first taking one shot after another flirting with the blond behind the bar. Of course just his type skinny as a rail, big boobs and golden curls bouncing down her back. The group got louder the more they drank. Julia tried to ignore them. She sipped her glass of wine and tried to talk to the man across from her. Unfortunately her luck ran out 30 minutes later.

She had done nothing to draw attention to herself, but, being as big as she was trying to be discreet or not she sometimes drew unwanted attention. "Hey guys did you know they served Whales in this bar??," Oliver called out in a loud slur. Julia automatically stiffened in her chair. Oliver stumbled toward her table a moment later “Sham moo surprised to see that booth hasn't broken yet." He said by way of a greeting. The man across from Julia turned a deep shade of puce and mumbled something about how maybe he had had enough for the night. Oliver laughed and told the man it would take a hell of a lot more alcohol to develop the beer goggles to want to sit and drink with a cow mooing at Julia. The poor guy sitting in the booth with Julia having just met her didn't really want to get in the middle of all of this so mumbling a weak apology at Julia got up from the table and left the bar. Julia had yet to say anything she kept her eyes down staring at the glass in her hand. She knew if she opened her mouth or looked up Oliver would just make things worse and as it stood it took everything she had not to give into the tears that were already building behind her eyes. "Would you look at that guys it would appear pigs really don't know how to speak," Oliver called over to his drinking buddies still by the bar. They laughed of course. The blond behind the bar looked uncomfortable with the situation and walking away from the counter called the bouncer over to her. The big Burly man walked over to Oliver and placing a hand on his shoulder told Oliver it was time for him to go. This of course just made Oliver mad enough to get up in the bouncers face asking what he cared about his calling a whale a whale besides she was too fat to have any real feelings they were to buried in blubber to be bothered. The bouncer called over to his partner and the two muscled men politely told Oliver and his friends it was time to go.

Oliver was so drunk he continued to argue with the bouncers. While this was going on Julia had gotten up from the table having further embarrassed herself by bumping the table with her thigh causing the wine glass sitting on top to fall over. Oliver saw it and began laughing at her again. The blond that had been behind the bar was next to Julia a second later. She took Julia's hand and walked her to the front door." Don't let an asshole like that get to you hunny he's not worth it." The bartender said. Julia just nodded at her and tried to offer an apology for the broken glass and the spilled wine. The bartender assured her it wasn't a big deal and squeezed Julia's hand. Julie fought to keep control of her embarrassed tears and anger until she could get to her car. She had made it half way across the lot when the bouncers finally managed to throw Oliver and his friends out and they began the hog calls across the lot. Her hand trembled as she unlocked her car door causing her to drop her keys. She finally managed to unlock the door and climb inside. Putting her hands on the steering wheel she put her head on top of her hands and gave way to her tears. Great racking sobs bubbled from her chest for a good ten minutes. Taking a deep breath she put a key into the ignition and started her car. She pulled out of the parking lot and drove to the nearest fast food drive through. Buying half a dozen burgers and fries along with a large coke she drove back to her apartment all the while cramming the food down. After the first burger she had begun to calm down, but, she still kept eating in frenzy. By the time she had finished the fourth burger and two orders of fries her jeans were digging into her stomach so she reached down and popped the top button. Feeling some relief she continued to plow through the rest of the food in the bags finishing as she pulled into her drive way. Turning off her car she gathered up the empty greasy bags to toss into the garbage bin next to the curb. Sliding out of her seat she looked down at her stomach and saw the way it bloated out even worse than normal the way it always did when she punished herself with stuffing it. Eating more than burgers she knew she was eating her feelings as well.
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GrowingLoveH... 7 months
I don’t know how I missed your stories.

This is just so erotic.

Thanks for sharing your talents and this tale. We
FrecherTyp 8 years
my that was hot puhh !!! ;-)

hehe i liked the revenge in it and the team up :-) and it would have been nicer when he got one of the girls in the end yolo ^^ maybe one would pretend to be a fitness instructor to see him struggling so hard trying to loo
Badhansel 11 years
Have to say that you have a deliciously wicked story line that I just love, Barbie. Thanks!
Raido 12 years
Loved the story! Almost envied the guy of getting so much undivided attention.
Nerdy Girl 12 years
Thanks guys I appreciate the thumbs up :-)
Balloon 12 years
Lovely story!
Supercoop 12 years
That was awsome, I have a month to kill!
Daj462 12 years
Nice story smiley