Mcfeeder - breakfast part i

Chapter 1 - breakfast part i

10:30, and he was late today. Carol had been watching the clock. The back kitchen was about to start clearing away the breakfast prep area. Tim, her spotty, skinny teenage manager was reaching up to change the breakfast menu boards. She sighed; another 4hrs of her shift to go; dull and mundane.

Today she'd have to do without the one thing which gave her pleasure in her job. The person she thought of fleetingly as she awoke on those cold, dreary dark mornings as her alarm charmed at 5am. As she dragged herself up from her slumber the thought of seeing him through waddle through the clear glass doors, and slowly make his way towards the counter. She'd always been a little self-conscious that he'd noticed her eyes glancing down across his body, down to his smooth silky flesh; she love the days when his belly hung down, over his waste band, below his tight ill fitting jumper. Those glimpses of his hanging soft flesh always sent a shiver up her spine. She'd fixate on those images all day. Daydreaming as she monotonously served customer after customer. Her imagination filled with thoughts of how he'd feel, caressing his skin, exploring the creases in his flesh, sliding her hand under his bellies' overhang. She'd longed to feel his mass on top of her, his ample flesh enveloping her wafer like form.

He'd caught her looking once or twice. He'd failed to recognize her lustful stare as a sign of desire, instead he'd thought she had been looking upon him with disgust. He himself, in the darkness of the night and the privacy of his bedroom had regularly thought of her slender figure, pert form and full lips. They'd no idea that there release of the days frustrations were filled with thoughts of each other.

10:35 and her mood lifted as his familiar face (and belly) came into view. But the counter next to her was free of weighting customers and she was busy readying the order for some jumped up jock type. He approached the counter next to her and placed his order. She had watch him from the corner of her eye. She felt that the whole room would notice her had she turned to look. She was well aware that she was almost incapable of controlling those swift fleeting glances as her eyes would fail to break off as soon as they locked onto his rotund belly, much to her embarrassment.

Carol consoled her frustration by the knowledge that later, in the managers office as she set to work on the till receipts she had access to the mornings cctv recordings, to play, pause and replay as she desired. His usual table was in use, perhaps today he'd sit under the surveylance camera; she'd have a good view of him gorging himself, she smiled, grateful that the office door had a lock.
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TCC 8 years
keep going!
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hehe interesting idea with the camera i ´m curious what she will see in the future ^^
ahhh ver nice story can´t wait for more ...:-)
FrecherTyp 11 years
a nice start^^ i hope there comes more ^^
Irma1230 11 years