Sam goes to university

Chapter 1

Sam woke up suddenly and gazed across to his alarm clock, 7:08am. It was an early start because he had a long trip ahead of him, to university, he'd managed to get into Oxford, thanks to his rich parents, both of which had attended the university. That's not to say that he wasn't a smart guy, he'd passed his A-Levels with flying colours, and more than exceeded the entry requirements. Sam was going to study Engineering and Computer Science, Engineering was always a subject which had fascinated him. The Computer Science however, was mainly to please his father, who had some interest in advanced computer chips for the military, a project which Sam had little interest in, but his father was giving him enough money for his own house, and more, so Sam wasn't really in a place to argue with his father.

He left to begin the long journey from his home in Edinburgh, and with such an early start, he slept almost the whole way there. He already had a house picked out, it was a 2-bedroomed house in the city centre with a large kitchen, garden (with a swimming pool nearly finished for Sam's arrival) and a cellar, he had also applied to halls, so as to make friends, and to help him decide who he might choose to live with him next year, or even this year if he so desired.

Once all of his things were moved in, and his parents had left, he decided to get a good night's sleep for the start of freshers' week!

He woke up the next morning feeling fresh at 11am. He had a meeting at 12, 'meet your personal tutor and tutor group'. This was not something that Sam was looking forward to, he had ideas about what Oxford students would be like, either stuck up kids who had no idea how the real world functions; or nerds who lived to study and had no time for fun. Ironically, Sam had elements of both of these types of people in him, he just failed to see it.

When he arrived at his meeting he was pleasantly surprised, his tutor was a greying old man who looked like he'd been in the same suit for the last 40 years! But it was not his tutor that surprised him, it was his group, it comprised of 3 other people, 2 girls, and another guy. The guy, Erik, was Sam's age and they had quite a lot in common, they both enjoyed football, lacrosse and Surfing, and both of their families had villas in the south of France, whilst Sam had dark hair, Erik's was blond. The girls were fairly similar too, and a surprise to both Sam and Erik, neither of which were expecting many girls in Engineering and Computer Science, let along girls as 'hot' at these.

The first was called Katie, she had gorgeous blue eyes, long blonde hair and was a keen swimmer, which gave her a 'hot' size 8 body, she had a flat, toned stomach, and still managed to maintain C cup boobs, which looked pretty big on her small frame, she had fairly curvy hips, as curvy as a size 8 girl's hips can be, as well as being a tall girl at 5'8”, giving her very long legs, at first glance Sam guessed her weight to be around 110lbs. The second girl, Ellie was somewhat shorter, at 5'1” with mid-length dark hair and dark brown eyes, because of her height and the fact that she barely ate, and ran every day, she was a tiny size 4, a little small for any man, let alone for Sam's tastes. She only had little A cup breasts, and not much of an ass either, he guessed her to weigh around 80lbs. Sam wished so much that he could see her with en extra 30 or 40 lbs, with fuller breasts, a rounder bottom and a little tummy. For the rest of the meeting Sam paid little attention to the professor, he was thinking about having a little pool party after freshers week to keep the party going...
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Shavip 12 years
Please keep going, this looks really great so far.