Short blonde fatty

  By Ducluck7

Chapter 1

"Yes mom, I got to school fine, goodbye.." Caroline said, as she hung up the phone. Caroline was 4'11" inches tall, and weighed in at about 129lbs. A little chunky for a girl her size. She was walking down the hallway filled with Juniors and Seniors high-fiving and hugging, likely from not seeing each other for so long. So far she saw none of her old friends.

She takes out her schedule to see what class she has first. Math. Great, her least liked subject first thing in the morning. Caroline found her class, greeted her teacher, and found a seat. The desks were attached to the chairs with metal rods. The chairs were fairly close to the desk. She wondered if a fat person could even fit in these.

Finally, one of her friends walks in from last year. "Sam!" Caroline shouted. "Caroline!" Sam shouted, just as excited. They both hugged, and Sam sat right next to Caroline. They discuss about the school, and how confusing it is to get around, and a couple minutes later, a bell rings. Class has begun. "I'm already bored of this class, and it hasn't even started yet." Caroline thought to herself.

Math ended quicker than she thought, and heads on to her next class, spotting that lunch is after this class. "Phew, I was actually getting kind of hungry anyways.." As thought by Caroline, science was just as bad as math. None of her friends were in this class, unfortunately. Once again, the bell rang, class started, 90 minutes of work (and sleep) passed, and the bell rang for lunch. Caroline quickly left class, and found her lunch room on the 1st floor of the school.

She walks in the cafeteria, and spots Sam again. Sam waved Caroline over to sit with her. As Caroline was walking over, she looked around. It felt like everything was moving in slow motion. Food, literally in every corner of this place! She would've never thought a school like this would have such luxury! Pastas, pizzas, vending machines, chickens slathered in cheese with tater tots, sandwiches with topping of your choice. It seemed like heaven. Sam was staring at Caroline, as her jaw was open, and was standing completely still. Sam had to shake her just to snap out of it. "Oh, sorry. I'm going to go grab some pizza, want one?" Caroline asked. Sam mentioned she brought her own lunch, as Caroline shrugged, and went onwards to the pizza.

She felt the heat coming off from the heated table, as well as from the pizzas. She grabbed two slices of pepperoni pizza and headed back to the table. Almost immediately after she sat down, Caroline quickly consumed one pizza, already finishing her second. Sam stare in awe, as she wasn't even finished with her sandwich! Caroline gave a small belch. "Excuse me." she said, laughing. Strangely enough, she felt hungry still. Caroline went over to the ice cream vending machine. She put in a dollar for an ice cream bar. To her luck, the bars were so cold, they stuck together as the mechanical arm picked it up, and she got two! Score! She walks back to the table, already peeling off the wrapper off one bar, asked if Sam wanted one. Sam denied, she was already full from her sandwich and chips. "Suit yourself." Caroline said, as she gobbled down both of the bars. "You've got quite an appetite this year Caroline!" Sam said in amazement, eyes slightly widened. Caroline looked down at her stomach, slightly bloated from the pizzas and ice cream.

Caroline was not even close to being full. She wanted even more.
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