The color orange

Chapter 1 - Welcome to my Life

I go by the name Jason Flynn, I work at a small dinner called “Scelus Sceleris” it means Sin or something close to it in Latin. I work only night shifts, my boss loves me and the food from what I hear is great, I frankly can't stand any food myself. I'm 5'10'' at 150lbs. I have brown hair and good smile. What most people find most striking about my appearance is that I have brown almost orange eyes. For most this is a strange thing and I often receive many comments and complements on this feature of mine.

Personally its not that impressive nor is it that odd. In fact I find myself to be fairly boring, pride being far from my personal sin. Gluttony is what I find to be the most fun after all most would call me a demon of it. I, on the other hand, prefer the term Fallen Angel personally since that is exactly what we are. We are not evil, we wish you no harm, we just do the jobs that are given to us just like every other being in the universe. We got a bad rap for questioning why things were the way that they were and then punished for doing so, oddly enough even that was the Creators plan was it not? But enough of that for now.

As I said my boss loves me. “Why would he love a demon” you might ask? The answer is simple, he doesn't know. Sure I am great for business but who would willingly consort with a demon, after all people used to be burned for that. No, the people at the tables I serve truly do stuff themselves, leaving a large bill and large bellies, but even then I am still Jason Flynn not Gluttony Incarnate. So I stick to my hidden and human self rather then go out for my full potential but this way no one has to get hurt.

Now before we go much further let me say this, my job IS an important one believe it or not. Imagine if people never indulged. No sex, no food, no time off, no sleep... The world would be one mathematical equation on how people spent their time. I make the world a better, more satisfactory place for mankind. I also enjoy my job. Being that I am Gluttony, I am personally far from the gluttonous type. I spend most waking hours dutifully following my orders and working hard on my job. Then things seem to always pop up now and again that are quite memorable.

Some people are more open to me then others. I can't for example influence everyone after all there is freewill. I like to think of myself as a pusher, I nudge people who want to go somewhere but can't quite make it there themselves. Where as people who has set goals or limits or even just simply are not interested can chose not to hear my...influence. On the other hand there are the few who take me as a personal symbol, literally hanging on every word and caress that I give them. You have seen them, happily, sometimes painfully, stuffed at the table as they try for one more bite at every meal. I love working with these people.

My personal favorite is Sarah, we just started to work together a week or two ago (after being around since man was created you lose track of time.) I looking forward to seeing her again. Cute little thing really, 20 years old, 5'5'', and currently no more then 130lbs. Blond hair that falls down past her chest, blue eyes and a smile that dims mine. Best of all is she is one of the people who needs a little nudging to go where she wants, even though she doesn't know she wants to go there.

It was the start of a long night for me a regular came in at the start of my shift, one who is weak to his own gluttonous ways, he always ordered drinks. He would get drunk, sometimes making an ass of himself, and then stumble off into the morning light right before I left. Now sadly I would love to ignore is man but it is my job to make him a slave to his vice and so I do, I dread it because I know what happens when he goes home. (Like I said were not bad we just do our jobs) Then SHE came in. She was with friends and they sat in one of my booths. She was aglow as only someone eager to fulfill a sin can be. Orange radiated from her in an aura only I could see. She was someone who I was meant for and I knew it.

Smiles a plenty I walked over to their table with menus in hand, I pulling my notepad and pen from my apron. “Hows your evening going? Care for anything to drink, coffee, juice, soft drinks or water?” I wanted her answer, damn the other three at the table they weren't that interesting anyway.

“Water for me.” one of the other girls pipped up. She had black hair pulled into a ponytail.

“I think I'll go with a glass of orange juice.” said the other blond girl,

“Water would be awesome.” smiled the only guy in the group.

“I think I'll go with water too.” her voice was lovely, but damn that it was not the words I wanted to here. I knew she was lieing, she glowed even brighter as the words left her mouth, she wanted something else but wasn't going to admit it.

“We also have great malts and milkshakes.” After eons of practice I knew when to strike and what words to use. Sure enough, I had her attention.

“That sounds good, what kinds?” she looked up at me from her menu, orange swirled around her body.

“Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Cookies n' Cream, Oreo, and a few others.” I smiled as I noted everyone else's drinks.

“Cookies n' Cream.” she said looking up at me with a half smile and a glance almost as if asking 'Is this okay?' I knew the look, she wanted it but something in the back of her mind was telling her she was making a bad choice.

“Great choice. Anything else for you folks right now?” I smiled I knew that voice was still going to be in her head but I'll put and end to it soon enough. That was my new goal, I love my job.

I learned later that night that her name was Sarah and that she was new to the area, she had lived outside of the state and was here for college, her first year. She took some time off between school to travel. Her friends names were: Maggie, the other blond, Elisabeth, the girl with the black ponytail, and David. They stayed for a well into the morning and they were all good company. Full of jokes, stories, and as the night went on food. I seem to have that effect on people.

Sarah had ordered the most, one entrée, two sides, and a desert. Not including the appetizers they shared with one another.. Every time she ordered something she asked for advice on what she should chose from me and her friends. I know when someone seeks approval when I see it and that is exactly what she was doing. By the end of their stay all four of then rouse stuffed full with boxes to take home. Smiling happy to of spent the night with one another, I gave them all a free slice of pie to take with them. I love my job.
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