True story. the cruise

Chapter 1 - true story the cruise

"Babe uhhhggg I can't find anything to wear, what should I bring?"

There we were my girlfriend and I leaving for a cruise from long beach California down threw Mexico. This trip is going to be amazing all the sun surf and food and alcohol we can handle. Yes I did buy the all inclusive package as both of us like to get a little tipsy and release some much needed stress.

My girlfriend was gorgeous, only about 5 foot tall 92 pounds nice and slender body with larger supple breasts. She had a large c cup and I swear they were bigger but she always would shoot that down when anyone mentioned she was probably a d. She had dark brown straight hair with these almost almond deep brown eyes. She was a head turner that was for sure and she knew it.

There she was packing for our trip watching her favorite show the kardashians, not being able to decide what to wear. She asks me what she should bring and I just tell her to bring all her bikinis and some sundresses or some comfy clothes. Oh and I tell her to bring some sexy dresses just in case we go to some nice dinners, we didn't know how this whole free everything worked.

As she was packing I made fun of how skinny she was compared to her little idols the kardashians. She just whips back at me and tells me she has no idea why I always am wanting her to be a little thicker. I just answer back that who knows how good you might look in a small and maybe a size 2 instead of the double 0 and xs sizes she wears. She just snuffs back at me and says "well I don't want a belly". I just left the conversation as is.

So the next day we wake up early and make our little trek down to long beach harbor. We are all bubbly with excitement and can't wait for this venture. We really need the stress relief as both of us work so freaking hard. We stood there lined up waiting and waiting and waiting to board this damn ship when I see my girlfriend checking out this girl next to us. The girl was beautiful as well. She was shorter but much curvier than my girlfriend, a big butt tiny little belly and big boobies as my love would say. I asked why she was so entranced with this girl and she just sighed and said "damn I wish I could fill out one of my dresses like that". I just laughed and said "well what you now like a girl with curves. You're just too scared to try and see what your body does. It's funny. What do I have to bribe you do you want a hundred bucks for each pound you gain, wait I'll make it better, if you gain 15 pounds on the cruise I'll give you 5 grand and buy you a new wardrobe haha". I was just rolling that I knew this would just make her mad. I always love poking at her and seeing that angry little face. Then outta nowhere she said "sure I'll take that bet". My jaw almost hit the floor! I couldn't believe she was actually considering this. I said back "wow are you serious". She said "babe you always give me a hard time, we have free food, and I love shopping so ya I can't wait to relax for a bit". Again I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

So there we were we got in our cabin and the first thing I could tell her was this would be no easy task for her to gain 15 pounds in 20 days. So there we went straight to the dinning room to see what was up.

She was wearing this black little tight dress that her boobs barely fit in. She looked good I would have to admit. She turned to me and said "I want this dress to fill out more from all of this so the last day we are here I am going to wear this dress out and not put it on until that day". I just laughed and told her she better start on this large buffet set out before us. And there she went eating more that I have ever seen here. After her second plate I got up and brought her 2 pieces of pie with ice cream. She looked like she would puke but being the little champion she was she finished it. I swear I didn't think she would get back to the room. She just laid there moaning as all I wanted to do was have sex.

This is where this all got crazy. I finally talked her into having sex because she was so full so all I could do was bend her over. The insane part about all this was she moaned and screamed louder than I have ever heard her and she climaxed so fast.

About a week into the trip she was maybe a little thicker than before but not noticeable. So we decided to see where she was on the scale. We weighed her and surprisingly she only weighed 95 pounds. Only gained about 3 pounds since stuffing herself that whole week. We only had 12 days left and now as she even knew she had to gain 12 pounds. A pound a day, I saw her face as she put so much effort into the first week how could accomplish this.

But then did it change. The next day we woke up she was starving and to her surprise I already had doughnuts there for her to eat. I couldn't believe it she plowed through the whole dozen. To even her surprise she still had more room to eat. So we put on our swim suits and she yelled at me to come check her out. Her top was so tight I had to re tie it. And her bottoms where now creasing up into her butt crack. She liked those scrunch butt bikini bottoms and now loved how it was fitting more than ever. So we finally headed out to the pool where she ordered chicken fingers fries a milk shake and a large mud slide. We had been drunk the whole trip and I think it started to take a tole on her appetite. I noticed this point, it was the eighth day she finished her food including the doughnuts and still wanted more so she ordered a burger and a cake with another large mudslide and now chocolate shake. So there we sat in the pool as she greedily stuffed her face eating every last bite drinking like it was going out of style. We hopped in the jacuzzi soaking up the sun while we had about 5 more drinks. By this time we were straight drunk.

Dinner time rolled around so we got a little dressed up and again she yelled at me to come check her out. Well also so I could zip her up as she couldn't do it herself. She could tell her butt and boobs now filled out this dress to there max and she was happy as ever. It even took me all my might to zip it up. She then said later we needed to go shopping and buy her a small dress. This fit perfect but she knew it would soon not be comfortable anymore so she needed one a little bigger which I saw made her greedily happy. Needless to say that night she ate more than I had ever seen her. She even got 3 desserts I couldn't believe it. So as she went to bed I went out and bought her her new dress, which was very love cut and short, she would love it.

Well now a little bit over 2 weeks into the trip both of us could definitely tell she had gotten a lot curvier. And I mean a lot. As we woke up in the morning of our 15th day we both were hung over again. Super dehydrated and super groggy I could tell she wasn't in tip top shape. Brittney(wow name slip haha) just rolled over to me and said she wanted an ice cream split a huge one and a few mudslides to cure this hangover. So I went out and got this giant banana split at least for 4, the thing was like 10 scoops of ice cream and 2 slices of cake with over 6 bananas. As I got back her face was bright red and excited, she blasted out "only 7 more to go!" I just started laughing because she now had this little tummy and her boobs were huge and her butt was at least twice the size as before. She looked so damn good it was crazy. After my chuckle I just told her now she was looking way better than that girl we saw coming on the ship. She just said "well I'm not quite there yet I didn't realize how good I would look though". Then before I could say another word she chugged a mudslide and started shoveling her banana split in her mouth like she had never eaten before.

2 days went by as my girlfriend was now getting a little jiggle on her especially in her butt and boobs but even in her tummy a little and her back when we had sex. Btw the sex was unbelievable. We hadn't been to the pool for a good 4 days because we had been exploring on one of the stops, hiking and doing all that fun stuff so we decided to lounge for the day and just be lazy. When we were almost ready to go I heard her screech. "Oh my god baby, oh my god, my boobs don't fit in my favorite suite, my nipples might not be able to be covered". Then she put on her bottoms and she almost exploded "holy shit the scrunch is now a g string, the suit won't stay up on my ass it just engulfs it". I already was so turned on she looked so good! I adjusted her suit re tied it again but seriously this thing barely covered her anymore it was crazy. I couldn't believe that this bikini really didn't fit anymore but it looked so good, I probably will never forget this bikini from my mind.

We go down to the pool and everyone is staring at my gorgeous brittney. She was just curvy as ever and stunning. She new it too and her appetite did not slow down neither did her drinking. She had 4 cheeseburgers by the pool that day and I could see that little layer of chub bulging from her belly jiggling ever so soft when she walked and folding over when she sat. It was insane that she never thought anything of it she would even pat it from time to time and shake to make herself jiggle. Uhhhggg it drove me nuts.

That night we had planned on a huge dinner. We only had a few nights left and I actually talked her into me feeding her that night. So we got dressed I gave her her dress I bought for her, the size small she obviously needed now and once again she needed help into it. She stepped in and pulled it up it fit so snug against her hips. We pulled the dress over her shoulders and I couldn't believe it, it almost didn't zip. Her boobs were so crammed they touched and her butt hung out the bottom. Oh my god I was in heaven. She just giggled and said "are we ready". I couldn't believe how tight that dress was it was amazing and she new she looked good in it. In fact I think she knew she was a knockout in it.
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