A evening staying in and "grow" eating

Chapter 1 - a evening out - chapter one

It looked a just a other evening after work, but the air was clear and a bit hot.
Just enough to heat up the body.
When He can home and saw me busy in the kitchen He knew this was not gonna be a normal ending of a good day.
he did plan more.

I kissed you hello and you kissed Me passioned back holding my large body close to yours.

He told you to not bother about the meal for the evening, He did have other more "pleased" ideas for that.
I smiled at you knowing that would be very pleased way to eat and more. way more..

"Get dressed in a easy outfit" He told me in a demanding tone.
A evil grin came on my face and i got to the bedroom and changed into a single outfitted dress.
And removed the slip in a casual matter so not care for that either.
"Lets go we dont want to be late" i hear you calling from the living room.
I heard it, but it was not necessary for You to tell it, i knew this was a evening you did`t want to miss.
You My soulmate stood in the door and i went first true it.
Once in the car i looked in the back and saw the food baskets and understood.. "nobody would cook but the bodies"

You drove for some time and we saw less and less people along the trip and got to a dirt road and stopped at a clearing near a space whit water.
Nobody around.
"In the back are blankets, then near the water" You spoke kindly but firm.
You came after i put them out and put the baskets at the corner of a blanket.
I could see yet what was in the baskets yet, but i was not worried about it that much.
I knew what ever it was, it would be a perfect ending of a day.

Once all was ready and it looked perfect i was getting ready to sit down.
He saw that I was getting ready to sit down and told Me to stop.
"you can remove the dress, nobody comes here"
I smiled and listen to what He told me gladly.
"good you understood that a slip was not needed this evening" You spoke as i remove the dress.
When i turned to you again i saw you uppacked some baskets and some food was placed out.
I saw chicken and meat, cakes and fruit.
When i saw the whipcreambowl i must have smiled coss He asked if i liked it so far.
"yes of course i do" I smiled at Him.
As I sat down i noticed no forks or knifes and wondered if He forgot those.
But before i could ask Him, He told me we dont need any utensil today.
"We use our hands and your body to eat from" He spoke in that strong voice of him.
"you can lay down, I will feed you"
Hearing that must have have a effect on me naked, because i felt some juices flowing between my legs.
He saw it to and smiled with a evil grin on his face.
He took a friend chickedpeace and gave it to me.
"eat this girl and dont stop until I tell you"
I took the chicken and listened to what He told me as i always do.
I eat the chicken as He lay more on my belly.
a small pecan pie, a pretzel and a large Pecanbon,
"after the chicken is done you stop and I start to feed you'
He took a bottle of Pi�a colada out of the basket and unscrewed it.
He came close with the bottle and I open my mouth as He pored a large gulp in my mouth.
The combined flavor of the fried chicken and the Pi�a colada surprised me, it tasted very good.
After that He put the bottle between My legs close to my vagina that still was dripping.
He put 3 fingers inside and took them out and placed the fingers in my mouth as i licked it clean.
He took the pretzel and fed it to me.
I eat it like always, hungry and willing to do all it took to grow more for Him.
He looked at me eating and that evil smile came back.
He took the whipcream and with his hand he covert my breast whit the white tasty stuff.
Now the pretzel was gone he took the breasts and hold to my mouth as I licked it all.
The Pecanbon was next and He forced it into my mouth.
Once that was gone He took the pi�a colada bottle and pored a other gulp in my mouth.
This time after He put the bottle back, He pressed His fingers longer and deeper in the vagina and softly moaned.
I cleaned the fingers again and He told Me to relax as He put some more food in the table my body has become.
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Mastersoaron 7 years
you liked the evening or the idea ?
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That was perfect