A fat girl's life part 2

chapter 1

Quotes from a Fat Girl's life 2

Opening a cupboard door behind Baby girl's bed, mommy
uncoils a small plastic hose which is attached to a 5 gallon
plastic barrel.

Here honey, let me put your feeding tube in your mouth.

You get so tired after your shower and massage.

Try to nap and mommy will make you some lunch.

I'll shut the door until they leave.

The Nurse's aids are getting ready to leave.

First nurse Sharon to her assistant Kitty,

Reading this form has reminded me...

I had forgotten Baby girl's given name is Lillian.

She gets called Baby girl by everyone.

Inga (Mom): I used to call her Lily when she was very young.

As time went on and we spent all our time together,

she just became my Baby girl.

Kitty: It is cute and, Lily is also a very pretty name.

Please sign here Inga, and this will authorize bringing

one more nurse for our visits with your daughter.

Thankyou, the extra help will be appreciated...

she has put so much weight on in the last year.

When she turned 17 it was like her appetite increased too.

We should be okay with 3 aids, for a while anyway...

"Don't forget mommy", Inga laughed!

One more will really help with moving her from her bed

to the toilet and her shower.

Her mobility has decreased so much with the added weight.

I believe with her weight gains, her appetite increases...

You ladies are so kind and helpful.

That is our job, and your daughter is very special.

We enjoy working with her, and helping you with

...the more difficult aspects of caring for her.

We couldn't do it without you ladies.

Thank you. We will see you on Friday.

...Inga sees them out...

Baby girl, you've almost finshed your weight gain liquid.

"Just keep in mind we don't mention weight gain shakes or

drinks while the nurses are here."

"I know mom, I never do. I have a problem with my

pituitary gland, and that is all they need to know."

"When they pry I begin to cry and they console me,

asking less questions, and even bring me treats

from my treat bowl next to my bed."

"That's good Baby girl, they know what makes you happy.

And they certainly don't want it known they made you cry."

Baby girl drifts off and Mommy works on filling her weight

gain reservoir.

She knows it needs to be full and ready when Baby girl

wakes. If not she becomes irritable, and unhappy.

Inga gazes at her sleeping daughter, admiring how beautiful

she is, looking more like a lady these days..

within the hour Baby girl whimpers softly for her mom...

Inga always hears her...

Is my sweetie hungry ? Yes, but I need my pad changed..

I peed mom...sorry.

Grab your side bar and try to roll over...that should lift

your butt enough for me to wipe you...those pads are

so thick..and absorb so much..so it doesn't make you

rash like the thinner ones did. At least you can control

your number 2 jobs between nurse's visits...

that is a big job to get you to the commode...

the attempt at rolling over *impossible* left her

exhausted...panting heavily...moaning...but,

a new pad was placed under her..mom wiping sanitary

cream around her backside...and her vaginal area...

I know you're hungry honey, a full container awaits your

hungry tummy. Let mom finish cleaning you...

good girl..there you go...feel better? of course you do..

Baby girl accepts the tube and sucks hungrily at first,

then eases off, moaning softly while feeding.

The nurses are bringing an extra person to help you honey...

Am I getting too fat mom ? Not too fat, just a lot to handle.

One more person will make it easier to clean and move you.

You'll never be too fat Baby girl...never..

Moving you to the shower is getting to be quite a struggle.

But, it is worth it honey, as long as you are happy.

Baby girl smiles and mumbles something, unable to talk

plainly, with the feeding tube in her mouth.

The ladies had forgotten your name is Lillian..would you like

to be called by your real name honey ?

Maybe mom, I guess as I'm getting older I should...but Lily

not Lillian..Ok honey its entirely up to you....

Mommy pats her fat upper arm causing fat wavelets

to travel across her large soft upper body.

Baby girl loves the feeling of the ripples of fat moving across

her chest.

Mom, will you make me jiggle a little more, I love the feeling.

Honey, you know you can make yourself jiggle a little.

Sometimes you need to do things for yourself...

Right now I'm busy making dinner.

Baby girl pushes and squeezes what fat she can reach

and tries to get some jiggling motion going.

with difficulty she moves a hand onto part of her belly,

this being the best place to get some jiggling action..

She finds this to be too much of a struggle, and would

rather someone else do it. *so lazy*

She soon tires and resumes sucking her weight gain liquid.

Lily is finding everything to be such a struggle..thoughts..

of becoming too fat to move are happening more often...

thoughts that make her feel happy..and thoughts of

how much she depends on other people..

doing everything for her..this makes her smile...

I wish I could eat in the kitchen sometime mom..

Mommy can't support you by herself Baby girl. maybe

when the nurses come back we can arrange a lunch..

and they can help me move you to the table.

Baby girl smiles broadly at the thought.

I love it when I have to walk feeling my whole body

quivering and jiggling with each step.

But, I get so tired...I must be too fat Mom....

..honey don't say that and don't feel bad...maybe

if we can get you sitting at the table, maybe..

you'll feel better about things...but honey, there

will be some things you will never...be able to do,

at your size...I know mommy and that is ok..

as long as you take good care of me.

I know my legs will soon be too fat to move.

The ladies really have to work hard keeping you

in motion without you falling.

I should be ashamed at how fat I have become,

but I'm not.
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Supercode 7 years
Great! Hope things keep progressing between Lily and Jodi!