Grandma's weight gain

chapter 1

Grandma's Weight Gain

Entering the house, Kare, 17 years old, was panting from the exertion of walking from the bus stop, a distance of about 50 yards. Carrying a lot of excess body weight made walking any distance somewhat difficult. Smiling at grandma sitting on the couch, (she was always sitting on the couch) Kare went over to sit next to her. Weighing 380 pounds also made sitting down a welcome relief. This was a daily routine they had both shared and enjoyed, for years. Kare's mother Marlena, would set out a large tray of goodies for grandma, so she had something to snack on while watching her soaps. Karolina (grandma) had 2 favorite soap operas on TV, and Kare and her watched them once Kare was home from school.
Graduating last year Kare had landed a part time job cleaning up in a restaurant kitchen. It was 3 days a week, for 3 or 4 hours per shift, so there was still time to spend with Karolina. Marlena always had food and goodies ready. Today it was sausage rolls, devilled egg sandwiches, 2 liter cokes, and 2 dozen butter tarts. Christmas was over and the house and freezer were full of left over homemade treats, and store bought baking. None would go to waste, grandma and Kare would make sure of that.
Karolina is a very fat women, barely able to get around under her own power. She had married young and given birth to Marlena at 15 years old, and Marlena had given birth to Kare at 14 years old. She stayed a single mother and lived with Karolina, taking good care of her and Kare. As an adult she never let her mom want for anything. She made sure she always had food and snacks beside her. She doted on her completely. Marlena's father had died in an auto accident when Marlena was only 3, and Karolina had never really got over that. Marlena had always felt sorry for her, and tried to compensate for the loss by spoiling her.
Kare had always been spoiled too, and also, very well fed. Spending most days with Marlena and Karolina it was a sedentary existence, eating, sleeping, watching TV with grandma. Kare was debating whether to stay with the job or quit. Karolina's advice was to quit and take it easy at home. She said there was plenty of money and it wasn't necessary for Kare to work.
"Your mom and I need you here honey, Grandma is getting old (46) and so fat, she needs your help. I miss you when you are gone, and we can sit and enjoy our time together all day. Kare had always liked to snuggle with grandma after school, eating snacks, and fall asleep until supper time. Grandma was always very fat but the past few years she had gotten fatter and wider, taking up most of the space on the couch.
Marlena and Kare both, have to help her from the couch to the bathroom or to her bedroom, and they also help her with her showers. She takes some meals at the table, but most of the time its on the couch! The last time she visited the clinic ( 4 months ago) she weighed in at 672lbs and is finding it more difficult to even get up off the couch. Some nights she will sleep there, with Marlena elevating her legs on to cushions placed on an ottoman. Her next appointment is still 2 months away and they are curious to see just how much she has gained.
Grandma is kept clean and pampered and doesn't complain at all about any physical problems. She jokes about her weight, and asks Kare and Marlena what they will do when grandma can't get up at all ?
"We'll take you to the "The Home for Immobile Fatties" says Marlena. That always gets a laugh out of Karolina. "Mom, the time for some Home Care has come. Just some help every week. I'm going to phone next week and inquire about hiring a bit of help."
"I agree" said Karolina, this big fat lady needs some more help! " At 5'9" and 672 lbs. Karolina is a beautiful woman to look at. She has beautiful creamy skin and shows off her Norwegian ancestry well. Her shoulder length hair is always well kept by Marlena, and her makeup is always so nice. Marlena is just as beautiful and maybe an inch or two shorter, and weighs about 240 lbs. She keeps busy tending to her mother and Kare, and knows if she wasn't doing that, she would be sitting around eating, and be as fat as Karolina. She was always chubby as a child and had always loved to overeat. Kare really takes after both Marlena and Karolina, and is expanding into a very fat young person, and like grandma, is happy just to sit and eat all day.
After school time was always special, sitting and eating with Karolina, watching her stuff her face, and hoping to be like her when grown up. Many days were spent sitting beside her, snacking with her, staring at her while she slept. As grandma's hands rested on her massive belly Kare would imagine growing to that size and actually surpassing her weight. Kare always felt, that once starting to really gain there would be no end to it. Imagining being immobile, people staring, making disgusted sounds and comments, loving being such a morbidly obese curiosity.
Kare had always admired Karolina's size and especially the way her belly apron covered her legs, and loved it when Karolina would lift it up as much as she could and let it drop as a jiggling mass. She joked about this being her daily exercise. She would jiggle Kare's belly and promised Kare would become just as fat as her, and much more. Kare loved hearing that, and imagined being as fat and soft as grandma. Now at 17 years old and 380 lbs., tired of working, and feeling ready to start gaining and catching up to Karolina. Kare knew once having all day to eat, it would just be a matter of time. Marlena agreed to phone the restaurant and terminate Kare's employment. Marlena didn't want Kare being miserable at a job, and felt it was more important to spend time with family in the home.
Kare waddled right to the couch to tell Karolina the news, but she was sleeping. Sitting beside her and snuggling into her, waiting for her to wake up, Kare placed a hand on her large soft belly mound. Marlena came in with a large plate of cheese cake. "You and grandma can share this when she wakes, and we're having a big pasta dinner tonight"
Kare smiled at her and they kissed each other. " Honey, it will be so nice to have you home each day. Biting into a slice of cheese cake Kare spoke softly, "I love you Mom"
Falling asleep while waiting for Karolina to wake up, Kare was eventually awakened by the feeling of soft fat. It was grandma pushing Kare's hand into her ample belly. Looking over Kare smiled, and Karolina smiled back. " Isn't grandma soft, honey ? " Kare attempted to sit up, but wasn't ready for a workout right then.
"Oh honey, look at that tray, full of cheesecake, is that all for me ? " asked grandma. "For the two of us grandma, mom made us a snack before supper." "Oh honey, we are so spoiled, your mother, is the best anyone could want."
Kare told Karolina the news about finishing at the restaurant, and she was ecstatic, kissing, and hugging Kare. Well as best she could at her size. A one armed hug at best, and she couldn't lean over for a kiss. "Oh honey, I'm so glad for you. I'm so happy! And tomorrow I want us all to take a ride in the van, and maybe visit the buffet. I feel my public has been deprived of seeing my large body for far too long, laughing to herself, and winking at Kare. My days of walking anywhere are definitely numbered, with my eating habits, so we need to go while we can! Kare began feeding grandma slice after slice of cheesecake, and rubbing grandma's belly. This went on until they had both eaten it all. Then, leaning against each other on the wide couch, they fell asleep.
Marlena soon announced dinner being ready, and asked Kare to help her get grandma to the table. Kare loved watching grandma struggle to move her weight any distance. The first step was to get her standing. Just this procedure had her gasping for breath, and smiling with satisfaction. Karolina loved being so big and heavy, any type of movement a struggle. Kare admired her large hips and her belly hanging down past her knees. "Oh my god, all that cheesecake has made me fat," Karolina giggled.
Moving Marlena's hand to her belly, she motioned her to rub it to help digest her afternoon snacks. Karolina needed to say very little, Marlena knew what she wanted and needed.
After making grandma's belly feel better, the next move was to get her fat legs in motion, heading her in the direction of the kitchen. Kare loved being so close to grandma, feeling her soft body jiggle and shake, with each movement while she struggled to the table. Finally, they were there, Karolina smelling the pasta dinner. "Mmm Marlena you take such good care of us fatties! And you Kare, you come here in front of me." Kare moved around, standing in front of grandma. Put your arms around me Kare, and give me a big hug." Kare tried but couldn't reach around grandma.
Grandma's side rolls prevented getting around anymore.There was just too much fat in the way. She put her hands on Kare's cheeks and tried to kiss, but between the two of them and their bellies, it was quite a job trying make that kiss happen. Kare loved grandma's pillowy fat upper arms and made sure to rub them gently, and lightly squeezed them.
"I know it won't be long before this will never happen again." said grandma. "I'll be too fat and you will be much fatter. I want to be able to remember standing kissing you Kare, but please take that silly hat off now." Grandma was referring to a woolen beret Kare wore for work. Kare's hair was quite long now and keeping it hidden at work was one of the rules.
It had become a habit of Kare's to wear that hat at home . "I'm going to brush your hair tonight, and make it look pretty again." said Karolina.
" Marlena, come and hug your mom, and give me a big kiss." Marlena moved around Karolina and in front of her. She tried to stretch her arms around her mom as best she could, but of course so much
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Theswordsman 4 years
Makes me wonder what marelena does for a living if she can support both her mom and daughter like that