Quotes from a fat girl's life.

chapter 1

She is always hungry !

(The sound of suckling coming from a baby's room.
Low moaning sounds as the baby feeds from her mother)

(Tender humming from a loving mother.)

(Baby crying, until breast or bottle put in her mouth)

She is still hungry, see how she moves her mouth.

You can't feed her all the time.

She is always hungry.

I do breastfeed her, she just needs more than I can give her.

This baby needs to feed constantly.

She only stops fussing when she is feeding.

They don't grow unless they eat.

Every baby is different.

(the sound of sighing and smacking lips.)

She is so cute, look at those chubby cheeks.

You're going to make her so fat.

She can't roll over, her belly is in the way.

Who wants a skinny child ?

Yes, she is heavy, but healthy.

When are you going to put her on a diet ?

This one grows out of her outfits so fast.

She is looking like the Michelin man.

She is so beautiful.

Look how creamy and clear her skin is.

Does she ever stop feeding ?

Can she walk yet?

She can stand holding on to the table.

My daughter will never have to diet.

It is a lot of work for her to get up.

You know she shouldn't be that heavy at her age.

(the sound of chewing and smacking lips)

Her belly is getting so big.

Mommy's girl always cleans her plate.

Yes, you can have more dessert, you ate such a big supper.

Its not fair to her, for you to make her so fat.

Let me feel how big you are ?

Oh honey, Mommy can't lift you anymore.

Aww, you ate so much, go rest and watch some TV baby girl.

(The toddler has gained very quickly and struggles to move.)

I said you would make her so fat!

Baby girl and mommy will eat all this food.

Here sweetie, finish these then you can have dessert.

I can't believe you start kindergarten tomorrow.

Can I have those last few doughnuts mommy ?

Yes, and your treats are in the cupboard.

She is so out of place in school,so fat compared to the others.

No, they are all yours baby.

You are the biggest and prettiest girl in your class.

I'll bring them to you.

My, you are growing to be such a big girl.

After you eat, take a nap baby girl.

Supper will be ready for you when you wake up.

You know, there are places you can take her to get help.

I have your plate ready sweetie, be there in a minute.

Will you hand me those candy bags mom ?

(girl moaning from over stuffing)

Yes, take as much as you want, its yours.

No mommy doesn't want any, you eat it all.

Well, you know what, I think she is disgusting.

Do you want a pizza honey ?

A large one ? Of course.

Ok, and ice cream treats afterwards.

No, mommy thinks your beautiful, because you are.

Who said you were too fat ?

Well honey, you have a lot more weight to carry.

And you don't need to run.

Why do you let her eat so much ?

Yes I'll get you a doctor's note.

I don't care what you think, she is my daughter.

Did you finish it all ? Do you want more ? Of course you do !

( slurping of a drink, and smacking of lips)

Sit here and eat some more of your favorite.

I know you're tired, mommy is making dessert, then its bed time.

I know it is hard for you to get to the kitchen.

Your daughter is much too heavy.

Here are those chips I bought you.

Are you making more cake ?

Mommy can you massage my feet with the lotion ?

Take your time sweetie, the next batch will be done soon.

I know these are your favorites.

You're getting very heavy, but you're a growing girl.

I will make more, I didn't know you would eat it all tonight.

Just relax baby girl, its okay. Mommy will bring it to you.

You're 12 years old now, I'm enrolling you to be home schooled.

Wear your sandals, I know your shoes have gotten tight.

The door way is getting too small for you.

Getting around can be difficult, thats why I'm here to help.

A new buffet has opened in town, we'll go on Thursday.

There is still some left sweetie, do you want to finish it ?

I know its hard for you to walk that far, I'll bring it.

Yes, we'll ask for two chairs for you.

No honey, mommy will help you.

Homeschool is the best thing for you baby girl.

Yes, you can sleep late in the mornings.

If you're hungry you eat little girl.

We may be able to get someone to widen them.

Let me know, I'll bring you whatever you want.

Here baby, let me rub those tired feet.

You're doing so well in your lessons baby.

And my girl is growing so big and heavy as she learns.

Two ladies here to see you baby girl.

We didn't realize she was such a large young girl.

Nurse's aids honey, to help us with your care.

I'm so helpless mom, just too fat and lazy.

Are the massages making you feel better baby ?

Can we have pizza tonight?

I feel like a princess when you are all busy tending to me.

( heavy breathing and moaning after being showered)

I know I am too fat mom.

No honey, you are the way you were meant to be.

Nurse's private conversation:

"Has this girl ever been told no ?

I don't think she knows the word.

Over indulged and too fat to move.

So sad for a girl this young.

She seems to thrive on the attention."

Baby girl ? Are you awake? Waffles and whip cream.

Mommy, walking is so hard.
(sound of grunting and groaning while walking)

My arms get so tired when I have to lift them.

Mmm so hungry today, mom will you feed me ?

I'm getting too fat to feed myself.

Its okay baby, you're still mommy's girl.

That's what mommy is here for darling.

I wish we could go to the buffet.

Just relax baby girl, mommy is making lots more.

(heavy breathing from a small change in position)

My big girl has such a big appetite.

Mom, will you braid my hair and weave those colourful
beads into it ?

Lets go to the buffet today baby girl.

I was so full when I went to bed last night.

Anything special you want for supper baby ?

I know it is early but think about it.

After you eat you can nap for a while.

When you wake up I'll have some special treats baked.

Here honey give me your hand, lets go to the bathroom.

You know they can make her life easier.

Let me rub your legs with this lotion.

The nurses are here for your Monday visit honey.

(nurses enter fat girl's room)

We have that nice lavender scented lotion you like.

My my, look at your beautiful hair style.

Shower first then a nice massage ?

Here honey, let us help you out of bed and and into the shower.

..laughter...you are growing fatter everytime we see you....

Honey would you like chocolate or vanilla icing ?

(her struggle in moving is evidenced by much grunting and groaning)

The exertion of getting showered has tired her out.

My my, you are a beautiful young lady.

Lets get you on to the bed.

Now we'll get you comfortable, and relaxed.

( nurse rubbing lotion on girl's body, kneeding
fat rolls, massaging feet and toes)

Mmm, this is my favorite part of your visits.

Lunch is almost ready baby girl, ladies.

And we'll see you on Wednesday, you be a good girl.

Can you bring me that bowl of icing mom ?

Those two ladies are so nice, and so good to you baby girl.

This cake is all for you, you can have it before supper.

Those visits make me so hungry.

I get so winded from all the exertion.

The massage makes me feel so special.

Eat up sweetie, then we'll watch that movie and have
some special treats.

Here baby, put your legs up.

Please help me lift them.

I think I'll stay in bed tomorrow, it is hard to move around.

You're so beautiful baby girl.

I know being so big is not easy.

You've grown into such a beautiful girl.

(several weeks of very little exercise, and her weight has increased considerably)

Mom I just want to eat and sleep now.

Moving is so hard.

You're a week away from being "Sweet 16" honey.

Mommy will always take care of you.

They will come 4 days a week now.

How is my baby girl today ?

I already have the cake designed for your birthday.

If you lose the weight your Grandma will buy you a car.

Mom, can I have the leftover pizza before lunch ?

I would be scared to be on the roads.

Don't you worry baby girl, you don't need to drive.

Mom, will you make me one of your special shakes for me?

Here baby, some doughnuts to hold you until supper.

Finish your shake honey.

Supper was so delicious, you are such a good cook.

For you baby girl. Finish up, and I'll make you another shake.

Can we watch a movie in my room tonight ?

Honey, grab my hands, I'll help you to the bathroom.

Back on your bed honey. Time for the movie.

You know spending time with you is always special baby girl.

Can you bring me that platter of cookies and rolls Mom ?

(heavy breathing and sighs as she drifts off to sleep)

Being fed by her mother has become the norm.
All day long she enjoys her pampered existence.
Sleep overtakes her most of the time.
She uses a feeding tube and feeds on a high calorie
liquid when not eating solid food.)

(the sound of suckling can be heard from her room,
and low moaning sounds as she feeds from her tube)
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Supercode 6 years
Interesting. In real life, I would be very concerned if a parent did this too their child, but it makes a nice fantasy. Also, I know you might consider this story finished, but I has an idea you could add to it, or write a sequel with. Since the pampering
Kendally 6 years
This isn't new, but was accidently deleted, and now reposted.