Large,soft, and ready to be delivered.

chapter 1

This is a follow-up to my story : Steven

The two lead ladies from my story Sameenah are also in this story. They are going to the U.S.A. to meet and arrange transportation for Steven to China, and to the New Food facility there.

Large, Soft, and Ready to be Delivered

After the excitement over Maya, a couple of fairly uneventful weeks passed, but in the back of both girls mind were thoughts of Maya, and her extraordinary size. Sam and Li both thought they had seen it all until seeing Maya. Li thought her father was very lucky to have such an enormous woman. Most of the fat subjects at New Life were known to the employees, but Maya was a little known secret, seen by few eyes. And Ming Tun, Li's father intended to keep the secret.
Many of the clients of New Food, and the management staff subscribed to an online news channel called "Fat Flashes" This channel featured articles and videos of newsworthy fat subjects, and obesity in general. There were always interesting stories and facts about fat people from all over the world. Li and Sam frequently checked it out. Ming Tun had emailed one article to Li concerning a young man in the U.S.A. The article quoted many of the local citizens, asking for this gluttony to stop. "A disgusting display of fat and a mother who enables this young man's gluttonous lifestyle !" "This young man has done nothing with his life, except eat, get fat and kept eating." " His girlfriend also enables this slob to continue with his life of gluttony and weight gaining." "Something should be done about this, the authorities need to take him away from his family, let him lose the weight and get on with living his life ! " And then "bill" the family for the costs!" The comments got worse and there were threats of putting him out of his misery, to show mercy." "If they can't move a beached whale it should be put down!" His Mother and his girl friend were actually feeling fear, after reading some of these comments.
It turns out that a dissatisfied care giver had reported the mother to the Health Services, and the authorities had ordered an audit on disabled clients. Normally, two care givers were supplied to the family for extra help with the young man's care. As his weight increased, up to 4 care givers had been known to be there. The mother had been paying some under the table so no records were kept, and the Health Services hadn't found out.
Once found out, a visit was arranged to the household and when seeing the size of this client the wheels were put in motion to find out why, and have his weight reduced, with surgery.
The administrator in charge of the visit was quoted "How disgusting, he was so fat he needed help breathing, and help with every movement he made". He was still being fed large amounts of high caloric foods. He hadn't left his bed in quite some time, due to his tremendous weight.
Apparently this young man had become very fat at a young age and had been receiving disability payments through his medical system. He had become immobile, and had recently been threatened with being removed from the medical system, unless he would undergo weight loss surgery and lose hundreds of pounds. He had received a lot of negative publicity because of his lifestyle and people felt he was abusing the health care system. His mother and his girl friend completely enabled his lifestyle, and did all they could to keep him fat and happy. This interested Ming Tun because of the young man's heavy weight. He weighed in excess of 1,000 lbs., and Ming saw the potential
of the young man in joining the New Food family. Ming Tun called and asked Li, if Sam and her would join him in his office at 11am that morning.
"Oh my, Father wants to make a new aquisition!" said Li giggling while she spoke. "That family is about to become very rich." Both ladies felt the excitement in this, as it probably meant a trip to the U.S.A to organise the transportation of the young man to Asia. Li messaged her father in text : "Yes, we will both be there".....Li.
At 10:40 am both ladies were in the waiting room at Ming Tun's office. The receptionist let them know that Ming Tun had just messaged that he was on his way. At 11:00 am Ming was entering the office and beckoning to Li and Sam. "Come in girls, come in! So glad to see you. As you know, I am interested in this fat young man from the U.S.A. in the hope his family will agree to letting him come to New Food and join our family. If there is an agreement I want you two girls to visit this prize at his home, and organize his shipment from the USA to New Food Research. You both will be ambassadors for our company, letting them know of all the care and attention that he will receive, and what good care he will receive under our supervision. His name is Steven, his mother's name is Shawna and his girlfriend is named Rebecca, called Becca by her close friends and family members.
They have nurtured him into one of the fattest men in the world and the care they have shown is amazing. I asked what they would need in compensation, and Shawna
replied, a place to live, and be able to visit with her son. I agreed, but explained there will be a bigger benefit package for them here. I have forwarded much information on New Food to these women, a week ago, and asked them to let me know how they feel about my proposal.
I estimated the transportation costs to get him here which I will pay for. All immigration costs will be covered by Newfood Research. Both ladies will be free to visit Steven anytime they wish, and help with any care if they so desire. We are not taking her son away, but offering to care for her son and lighten the work load on both ladies. And Steven will have the freedom to continue his lifestyle. The benefits to them are many, but especially the continued growth of Steven. Our benefits will be, increased income from our new fat man and a beautiful addition to our showcase of super fatties. Look what these ladies have achieved at their home, just imagine how fat we can grow him here at New Food!
Ming Tun then asked Li and Sam to sit down and look at the large screen on his wall behind his desk. He turned on a digital projector and began running a slide show. "Shawna sent me these photos and movie clips in an email, and asked that I look at them, and hopefully we can help her with her son and the problem at hand."

The first photo was of an overweight baby about 6 or 7 months old.
Next was the baby being held by a pretty young woman,it was Shawna.
It was obvious she was struggling to hold him in her arms.
This was one of the earliest photos of the future super heavyweight.
Next was a short movie clip of Steven walking across their lawn. (3yrs.old ? )
The struggle to move his legs was already apparent in this clip.
Then a clip of his 4th Birthday party, him sitting being fed cake and ice
cream by his mother. This was a 27 minute clip and with the children at
the party being active and playing, Steven just sat and ate the entire time.
The next series of photos were a progression of his growth, from what
looked like when he was 4 until he was a young teen. In most pictures he
was seated playing video games, or laying on his bed playing them, and
or, watching videos.
But, he was always eating, and always had food close at hand. One of the
photos showed him seated next to a very pretty girl with beautiful blue eyes.
He looked to be about 6 and she must have been 10 yrs old. One of the earliest
shots of Becca and Steven together. There were several photos and video clips
of Steven as a young boy about 11 or 12. He looked so fat and contented, and
always seemed to be squeezing and jiggling his rolls that he could reach.
He always had a smile on his face and looked so happy in his large body.
This made both ladies think of how exciting it would be to meet him.

Li and Sam were really getting the picture of this young man's life. Constantly fed and pampered with excellent care and hygiene. He was always very clean looking and
his skin looked beautiful, no blemishes at all. They knew he had been pampered by his mother, his girlfriend, and had several caregivers throughout his life. Four of these woman had been caring for Steven since he was a young teen. The pictures showed this very obese person comfortable in his own skin, who seemed to enjoy being the size he was.
The ladies continued watching the slideshow with Ming Tun, making special note of the last shot of Steven, so fat, Becca sitting on his bed, her head resting against one of his
massive upper arms. She was smiling and held a handwritten sign "My Lover Boy 1438 lbs. " this being his last weight recorded. Ming expressed his concern that Steven has not walked or been out of his bed in some time. We must rescue this beautiful specimen and allow him to grow to his full potential, letting him live a large and healthy life without fear of being hampered by laws or the medical system. Both ladies expressed their desire to go and receive this beautiful young man.
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