chapter one


As she slowly made her way to the wide trailer door, she had a slight grin on her face.
The same grin she had on her face when she
was a young girl, when being teased, pushed and prodded by other children who were telling her she was fat, ugly, and no one would ever like her.She grinned, because she knew she had a family that loved her. All her relatives always gave her lots of hugs and kisses. She knew she was loved at an early age.
Even though she was a very heavy young lady she never lost her self confidence. Coming from a family which bragged of many heavyweights among them, Karina was proud to be in the category of the super obese.
She was a beautiful young woman, taking after her mother in looks and size. They were both
blonde and blue eyed, of Swedish descent. Her mother was tall and big boned and Karina was following in her mother's footsteps.
Making this walk was a routine that took place two times a day during the season, when the sideshow was touring across the country with
one of the larger circuses. Karina worked along side her mother when she was just 15 years old, and already weighed close to 600 lbs.
They were billed as:
" The World's Fattest Mother and Daughter."

Her mother Sandra, who at that time was nearing 750 lbs. had travelled with shows for years, since she was a girl. But she grew tired
of the travellng and the crowds. She wanted to relax and eat, and nothing much else.
She decided to retire from the sideshow.It had been 3 years since she had performed with her daughter. She had definitely grown since retiring to her desired way of life.Sandra was now an immovable fixture in her home. Her last known
weight was well over 900 lbs but she hadn't been weighed in quite some time. She wasn't really concerned with how much she weighed, as with how much real estate she covered. With her mirrored ceiling she could watch herself grow
with her constant feedings and inactivity.
Her proportions had grown immensely, and with her earnings from the sideshow she was able to hire help to assist her in all her needs.At her size she needed constant care and attention with all her personal needs, and thrived on the attention she received.
All 5 of her assistants were fat admirers and feeders, so Sandra's life was pure bliss for a lady of her size. Never a moment went by when
one or all of them wasn't paying attention to her.
Whether it was feeding her, cleaning her, rubbing her skin with moisturizing creams, caressing her soft jiggling body, brushing her hair, a manicure, or applying her makeup. Everything done for her.
Any time a hand was sinking into her masses of fat or massaging her fat rolls Sandra became aroused. Any time a part of her body was
moved she was aroused at the feeling of the flowing rolls of fat rippling across her bed. A fat goddess trapped in her massive body and content.

On the other hand, Karina found the sideshow performing exciting, and loved being stared at because of her size. She was glad her mother
could enjoy her pampered life and often had thoughts of doing the same, but not right now. Nearing her 1000 lb. goal she found everything to be a struggle. But this she loved. Like her mother she enjoyed her lifestyle, and whenever hands were on her body to do something she was too fat to do, it aroused her so much, exciting her and making her want more of herself.
Show times were 1pm and 4pm each day and in between it was eating and sleeping. The performances were 20 minutes each. They were always sold out with up to 300 customers per
show. With help from 3 or 4 young men Karina made her way onto the stage, a slow shuffling walk, and then had help getting seated on her dais. Walking out to be seated in front of the
audience was always an exciting and sexually arousing time for Karina. How fat she must look to these people and how many of them must be
disgusted with her fatness. Karina answered questions from the audience, about herself, her eating habits, why she would let herself get so fat, how could such a pretty lady become so huge?
Karina wore a large white dress which fell over her massive body clinging to her form. She would pull it up to where her knees should be, but which were buried under her massive and wide belly. Her belly hung down to just above her ankles and these were buried under the fat on her large calves, which rolled over her feet, revealing just a hint of red painted, manicured toenails.
This part of her show always created a stir in the audience as the crowd got a good look at the size of this young woman. A lot of murmuring,
snickering, and laughter at this point in the show. A female assistant would appear and lift one of Karina's arms, then jiggle her upper arm which
was the size of a large pillow, and gently squeeze her forearm which the assistant stated, was larger than her own thigh. The assistant would then reveal a tape measure and slowly wrap it around Karina's upper arm. "57 inches" she would read out to the crowd. Usually at this point in the show there would be a few "fat pig" "gross" some "piggy piggy and oinks" coming out of the mouths of some of the crowd. When this
happened Karina would usually place a hand on her belly and gently jiggle it, really giving them something to talk about. She loved the comments good and bad, and she did get good ones. Usually the fat admirers would counter the bad comments like "Don't listen to that idiot Karina, he doesn't know a real woman when he sees one! " One woman commented that she was going to start eating more, and use Karina as a model to look like!
Karina would look out into the audience and feel so good at the thought of these people coming to see her in all her fatness, some being so grossed out at the sight of her, and others just wanting to be with her, or be like her. Like her mother she thrived on the attention and the fatness of herself.
She had recently started thinking about the future, and teaming up with her mother again. Being billed as the largest mother and daughter in the world again, only weighing many hundreds of pounds more this time. Laying side by side, their flowing fat touching and jiggling against the other, staring up at each other on the mirrored ceiling, watching each other being fed and pampered all day long, living a truly fat life, and sharing it with each other and the world. Having their own online channel to show the world how fat one can get if you are truly dedicated to living a fat life.

Karina did get in touch with her mother, and Sandra was overjoyed by Karina's suggestion. She agreed to share her fatness with the world and her daughter. Both Sandra and Karina were very aroused at the thought of their future. A future of non stop fattening, together.
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Chrysophase2003 7 years
It uses a bit of a broad paintbrush but it's passionate and well-written. And it's a fun idea to present.
Kendally 7 years
Thank you.