chapter 1

Krysia's Heaven

Chapter 1

Hello readers, my name is Krysia. I am a 27 year old woman living my ideal life. Let me tell you about it as best I can. Although I am a woman who weighs over 1000 pounds, my world is really quite a small place. Also, a very beautiful world, as I'm living a life of gluttony and a pampered existence. My days consist of eating, sleeping, and being totally spoiled by my feeder, Benjamin.
I met him 8 years ago at an outdoor flea market. We hit it off right away and have been together ever since. I am constantly being told how beautifully fat I am. To gorge on food all day long, and be kept so full with so many fattening
liquids from my feeding tube is pure heaven to me. Just to realize that every calorie going into me is turning to fat is so beautiful, and very sexually arousing to think of. Knowing my feeder thinks of me as his fat, gluttonous goddess is
wonderful. It is hard to describe the feeling it gives me. His caresses make me feel so sexy as he jiggles and squeezes my massive rolls. It is always a pleasure to feel the rippling waves of fat flow across my body, as it lets me know just how massive I have become.
Taking care of someone as fat as me is no easy task, and special help is needed with tasks that normal sized people take for granted. Showering, bathing or basic hygiene calls for people trained in caring for the massively obese. Benjamin, belongs to a group of fat admirers (males and females) that pay into a fund, like a co-operative, who share the cost of caring for their spouses or fat family members. A monthly fee from each member of the group pays the wages of specially trained caregivers, and specialized equipment
and supplies when needed.
Three times a week I have 4 special assistants that come to shower me and spoil me with massages, rub downs and generally keeping my skin healthy. I have my hair
brushed and styled, manicures, and pedicures, and all I have to do is lay there and look pretty. The showering is the hardest on me as I actually have to get out of my bed and move the 10 feet to the shower, and back again. I have plenty of
help but still, as a half ton woman it is an ordeal. But, I do enjoy knowing I am so fat ,and that I am such a burden for the assistants to deal with. It makes me feel so good to know that it takes all 4 and all their strength to move me such a short
distance. I know a lot of people would be disgusted looking at me, and knowing
that my lifestyle just encourages me to grow fatter.
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Supercode 6 years
Really love this story, please continue! Also, I think it would be interesting to see an actual bout of intercourse between Krysia and her love..but Krysia is so huge, assistants need to assist by holding Krysia's belly and thighs out of the way while her