A feel of fat

chapter 1

As I walk naked toward you the sensations I am experiencing are incredibly erotic, the feeling of my belly, newly heavy and warm soft weight on my thighs, always still moving a fraction of a second after I stop.

You move up to me and pat it, watching the waves move thru it as this protruding ball of fat and muscle responds jiggling to your initial touch, cradling it as you guide me into your playroom, walking backwards slowly...feeling it pulse and jiggle at every step.

"Come baby" you say "let me help carry that big belly we've grown on you, hold it off your thighs."

"Slowly now" you caution me as you hear me start to pant from the exertion and we pause as I catch my breath...you gently holding up my heavy, soft belly...your hands moving in slow circles on the underside.

You lean forward and gently kiss the swollen crown of my belly and say, "just a couple more steps my sweet fat man, and mama will let her fat baby rest."

You guide me to the bed where I not so gently collapse back into the pillows.

Kneeling next to me you wrap my belly in your arms and rest your head on it kissing it, loving it, searching out the new folds and new fat, my skin warm and tight under your exploring hands.

As your lips connect with my nipples, you feel them change from firm to hard as your tongue moves over each one.

"God yes" I moan...your hands still massaging my underbelly and the underside of your breasts brush against the top of my belly, making your own nipples hard as well. 

"You're getting so fat baby" you say "I can feel you are bigger and softer" and your hands are butterfly soft as they gently stroke and pat my distended abdomen so soft under your hands and you hear a low rumbling sound coming from somewhere deep within me. 

"I do think you are ready for a tiny bit more, yes dear?" you smile
as I groan, full yet a stab of hunger inexplicably surges through me at your words.

You say, "if you aren't hungry yet, you can watch me eat all your treats" and you tease me, holding a succulent fattening snack just beyond my reach. 

You shift slightly and settle yourself before me, on me, over my fat thighs, your legs straddling mine as you place the tray of pastries on the crown of my belly, watching my eyes follow the food as you slowly eat. 

The rumbles seem to be coming one atop the next as you pretend to snack on the pile of food.

You smile again and say, "You want one of these big boy?" I nod despite my gorged discomfort and you lean forward letting me take a bite.

As you do, your belly and breasts flatten against the warm curve of my swollen abdomen.

Like an old Disney cartoon we each work the side closest to us until our lips meet in the middle and as I swallow the last bite of pastry I feel the rich creaminess slide down my throat as your soft lips meet mine...

They are like flower petals and your breath is sweet. I am in nirvana; my belly encapsulated by your legs and arms, feeling you gently squeeze and release, squeeze and release, molding yourself to me and we blend somehow into one entity.
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Littleextra 6 years
Not sure how l missed this one! Beautifully written as always Sir, bravo indeed! Oh to have your back catalogue of tales. Thanks for making such an active contribution to the writing for this scene. It is very much appreciated. 👍
GrowingLoveH... 6 years
How you use your words! Wow! I always love your writing!
Story Consul... 6 years
always a great pleasure
Giantjay 6 years
Reads like beautiful poetry, well done!