A gaining odyssey

chapter 1

(Note: this is my first story so please don't crucify me for a small mistake

Christmas 2022

Its Christmas morning and I rolled out of bed in the guest bedroom. I got back from nearly a six month hell dealing with my companies overseas divisions that I wish could have dealt next year, and with my wife growing ever close to her goal weight bummed out the both of us. I only got back late Christmas eve to be greeted with a sign on the master bedroom door saying, "The guess bedroom is made if you could make it home in time, don't enter the room until tomorrow." So now that it is Christmas morning I walked to the master bedroom and she wasn't there so I turned to go down stairs. I slowly trudged my way down stairs. I make it to the landing at the bottom of the stairs to be greeted by our dog which for all intensive purposes gave me a warmer welcome than my wife, but he missed the walks since my wife didn't take him on walks due to her gaining."Rex you want food boy, go to the kitchen."I said playfully so he could prance ahead. Then I made my way through the front room to the living room where the tree was and then I got a Christmas gift I didn't expect, there she was sprawled beneath the Christmas tree in with only five red bows and something written on that elegant gut of hers: one in her flowing blond hair, one on each of her what had to F cup breasts, one on her belly button which prominently stuck out, one on a pair of underwear that fit 50lbs ago, and red lipstick scribed 250lbs across her upper belly. It took me a second to process what I was seeing in front of me, and a second for her face to light up when she saw me gazing at her. In that instant, I knew what having all the blood drain out of your head feels like and I fainted on the spot. Now you may be wondering why in about three seconds I had hit the floor unconscious about my big chubby wife, but to first understand the pure unaltered magic that lay be for me, we must go all the way back to the beginning about 9 years ago where the ground work for this to happen were laid.
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Theswordsman 6 years
Dont get me wrong its a good story i just wanted to know the weight so i could visualize the story more easily.
Theswordsman 6 years
Great story but i dont think you are giving much detail to weight gain
Informatio 6 years
Hey any comments, concerns, or criticism are welcome.