Waltz to a larger size

chapter 1

Abby’s eyes fluttered open as light poured through the windows on to her face. She shielded her eyes from this oppressive morning light. As her eyes began to focus, she started to get out of bed something was up. Leaning up required a lot more effort, but she didn’t really think much of it because the day before was so physically taxing. She slowly waltzed to the bathroom thinking about what her day was going to be like.

As she made it to the sink to brush her teeth she froze. Her eyes widened as her mind furiously processed what she was seeing in the mirror. Her curly blonde bedhead hairdo wasn’t the problem, but everything below it. Her emerald green eyes nearly popped out of her head as she inspected her puffy chubby rose red cheeks where her elegant prominent cheekbones were. A puffy hand went to physically examine her softening features and rounded jawline and thick flabby double chin. She continued to grow more flustered as she continued to look down. Her neck was pudgy while her collarbones were buried in fat and her shoulders were rounded out with lard.

Abby then cupped her gargantuan E cup boobs with her meaty paws and started to sweat profusely when she what was below her inflated boobs. A large bell shaped over gored belly that flared out to her hips where her once flat sculpted stomach and nice thin hips were. She was partially relieved that she didn’t have any ugly love handles, she just had lots of long angry red stretch marks radiating out from her hips all the way to around her belly button. That wasn’t the most unnerving detail of all her fit muscular defined thighs were replaced with bloated cellulite riddled stretch mark covered thunder thighs that forced her feet apart by at least 6 inches. Her pristine fit butt was replaced with a bloated lard covered ass. As the sight of this Abby finally lost her composure and gave in to the urge to give a blood curdling high pitched scream.

A figure shot up in bed while screaming causing the another figure in bed to roll of the side to create a loud thud. The poor black cat at the end of the bed puffed up and jumped to its paws petrified. The figure who unfortunately rolled out of bed leaned up while fumbling to turn on the lamp said, “Abby what’s wrong?” He turned the light to see Abby fumbling with the covers inspecting her figure it was just a nightmare. Abby turned to see her husband Kurt drowsily on the floor leaning on the bed and replied in a sheepish groggily tone, “N-nothing, just a bad dream. Sorry.” Kurt replied while rubbing his head, “Ok you want to cuddle until you fall asleep?” Abby purred in her English accent as a wave of calmness soothed her, “Sure, why don’t you get into bed silly.” Kurt replied as he returned to bed, “Ok. And you say I over react to things.” They embraced under the covers and Abby said punctuated with a kiss on Kurt’s Cheek, “Yeah because its my job to over react to things.”

As the two cuddled under the covers Abby noticed the black puffy fuzzball still petrified at the end of the bed as she said in a nurturing voice, “Sorry to scare you Lancelot everything is ok.” This got a chuckle out of Kurt as he said, “Well its 4 am let’s get to bed.” The two lovingly embraced as they slipped back to sleep.
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Jazzman 4 years
So Good and well written!
Jazzman 4 years
I like it.I have known members here who experienced the very same occurrence. Two suggestions. The dryer shrinking thing never happens in real life.Its a thing only found in every other story.Second.You're is a great word.Please try it.lol
Keep going ple