Bad habits

chapter 1 morning bliss

Madison eyes started to flutter open with light spilling through blinds when the wind would blow the curtains out of the way. She brushed her long curly dirty blonde locks out of her face and rolled over; before she would have just leaned up, but those days were long gone. Madison gently and slowly moved her huge chubby muscular legs out from under the soft cotton sheets. She didn’t want to disturb the other figure in bed; she knew to give him a bit more sleep before she disturbed him to make breakfast. Once she maneuvered her legs to the side of the bed and placed her feet on the floor as she leaned up. As Madison leaned up her belly started to fill her fluffy lap and love handles formed at the crux of where her wide hips and big belly fought for space.

Then Madison slowly rose to her feet and caused the hardwood floor to creak under her weight. She shot her head around as she heard the sheets rustle and gave a sigh of relief as the figure in bed was still out cold just a little bit more in the spot of the bed she just left. A smile grew on her face making her exquisite fuller cheeks even chunkier. She made her way over to her dresser and picked out a pair of black panties and tried to stealthily put them on. When All was said and done, they slightly cut into Madison’s hips and her lower belly; she pouted a bit and thought to herself, “God damn it, I just got these last month.” But this turned her on a bit, and then she noticed it-a bra tucked away at the back of the long drawer. She reached in an pulled out the burgundy red lace bra out; she though to herself, “Holy shit how do I still have these.” She flipped it around and inspected the label- 32B. She chuckled silently to herself as she cupped one of her somehow still perky DD cup boobs with her other hand. She wandered over to the full length mirror and found the urge to put the antique bra on. It was beyond tight and amusingly small, but it accentuated her hefty boobs.


Hey, I’m Maddy you may have a lot of questions- who is this wonderful person in bed, why am I so overfed, etcetera, etcetera? Let’s just leave it tentatively at my life certainly hasn’t been the same without my fiancé Mark and that I may have dropped a bad habit for another one. All can be explained in time but it’s a very long story and my big belly wants some food so its time to wake the fiancé.
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