Loves consiquence

chapter 1-somethings up

Three quick knocks ran out through the house and a figure lurched up and slowly stood up and trudged to the door. The figure was clad in a soft warm grey robe with the days paper miss folded and slightly crumpled up under his left arm and a half empty box of tissues under his right arm. The figure extended his left arm and opened the door slowly to greet a tall blonde in flattering flowing blue business professional top, and cream colored size 2 dress pants that looked slightly tight. The figure gestured this goddess in as they exchanged pleasantries. The blonde said in a quaint English accent as she clasped both of her hands behind her back," So Alex why did you want to see me today, we talked on the phone earlier and you seemed ok to me?" Alex took a deep breath after he plopped his thin frame back on the couch, "Well Janet I am doing perfectly ok apart from having the flu, but you sounded a bit disheartened. So, I wanted to see if you were alright?" Janet bit her the very edge of her lower lip, which was the biggest tell that something was up, and replied hollowly, "Alex, I am ok you have a lot more to deal with that me." He cracked a smile and said, "Oh please I don't have to deal with this cold, but I want to know what's getting under your skin a bit because what ever it is I want to help." Janet's forest green eyes twinkled a bit as she peered into his soft brown eyes until Alex had a comically loud sneeze sending his face bend of his arm.

They both chuckled a bit before Janet replied softly, "How do you always know when something so wrong dear?" Alex said enthusiastically after blowing his nose, "Come on its my job and I won't take a sick day from being your boyfriend." Janet chuckled and replied while toying with her hair, "I won't argue with you there, and yes something is wrong but it's no of your concern dear." Alex leaned back on his sofa and said, "I think I may know what the problem is." Janet tilted her head and said in a reserved tone, "What do you think my little problem is?" Alex stated," Well you have been acting like Florence Nightingale pretty well me since I got the flu last week. When you would usually be going to the gym before work and since you don't have me cooking I know you turn to frozen dinners since I do most of the cooking. So, my guess is you have started to grow a small little belly." Janet looked uneasy as her cheeks went a vibrant blood red color and Alex broke the silence by saying, "Janet I have dated you for a year a little gut is not going to change what I think about you, I would hold you hand while saying this to make it more romantic just I don't think you want the flu." Janet cracked a genuine smile and cuckooed while trying to hold back a hysterical laughed, "Alex you are to kind. You really don't mind this?" She peeled up her top to reveal the very beginnings of a muffin top with it slightly bulging over her once visible pristine abs.

Alex eyes widened and said, "You know you I think you look better with a little bit of pudge." Janet tilted her head and gave a very fake scowled in a failed attempt to cover up a gleaming smile while saying, "Oh please look at this I'm fat." Alex said with a smile, "Well you rock every extra ounce." Janet replied barely holding back chucking, "Your too kind Alex but once I able to stop babying you I am going to lose the extra weight." Alex yelped, "Hey you are just returning the favor for when I took care of you last when you had the cold for three days before I got the flu. Ha what every you want sweetie." Janet said, "Well Alex now that this has been dealt with I am meeting with Carol in half an hour for drinks, so I think you can handle yourself since you still have that chicken noodle soup I brought over." Alex chuckled," Yeah it was nice having you over again and go have fun. Oh, you mean the Campbells soup you crudely warmed up for me yeah I still have some left." Janet got up to show herself out but before she left she turned before she said goodbye Alex said wait as he was spraying himself down in Febreze like a prepubescent teen with a bottle of Axe and she said, "What the hell are you doing?" Alex replied, "Well I know the only way I can get a hug is if I disinfect myself right now and well all I have is a bottle of Febreze." Janet cracked a smile and hugged her dilapidated looking sick boyfriend before leaving for a night with friends.
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Jazzman 5 years
I like the plot and characters. I would ask you to please read your two chapters slowly and deliberately. I know first hand writing on a phone is tough.You have a couple very long run-on sentences But auto-correct errors are Abundant .It hurts the flow