A humiliated piggy

chapter 1

Jenna was a sweet 16 year old, blonde and baby face shape, cheery, kind, and funny. Her best friend, Kaelyn, was brunette, foxy faced and grinnish look, she was more reserved, and kinda emo, Kaelyn was bulimic, but she wasn't as cute to the guys when she was with Jenna.

Jenna was really short, about 4'5, with her 150 pounds she looked quite chubby.

Jenna and Kaelyn were currently out shopping, Jenna was looking more and more upset with each outfit she tried on. Kaelyn looked at Jenna with a little grin. She was making her fatter and her self skinnier, her fantasy.

You'll see, 4 years ago, Jenna was 4'5 and 125 pounds, quite fit. Kaelyn hated how guys hated to look at her when she hung out with Jenna.

So, she made a plan; Get Jenna to weigh 250 pounds at least, then cut her pretty hair, and make her a total pig.

"Kaelyn, I don't get it, everything used to fit me, I went from a size 2 to an 8 in a year!", said Jenna with her bubble gum voice.

"Stores never get the right size, you're fine!", said Kaelyn not looking at her.

That evening, Kaelyn got Jenna 2 servings of fried chicken from Popeye's, 1 large coke, and a huge por of extra sweet chocolate ice cream.

Jenna did not noticed Kaelyn ate none of that, she was too innocent.

Jenna had a large 3000 calorie dinner when she came to her house, then decided to take a warm shower. She looked at her now soft body, to be honestly, she hated how people judged how much she ate, she was happy like that! And besides, she walked every day, no reason to freak out over it, she was a fatty tren, so what?, it wasn't people business, that confidence is what made her atractive to the world.

It was something pretty, but, she still was pretty much a fatty bubble headed blonde, now she was fat, and had a few strech marks on her belly, wich was so soft and warm. Her cheeks got fatter a little bit. And her thighs touched to her knees. No biggies, she was pretty and blonde. But surely stupid.

Kaelyn went to her home that night doing an extra hour of exercise and went to bed happy that Jenna had gained at least 30 pounds.

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