A thanksgiving feast

chapter 1

He struggled to reach her but as she felt his muscles tense she reached to push his arms down. "Relax lover, let me taste you and feel this day's excess. I am so proud of you."

"Why aren't you coming with me..."

She touched her finger to his lips saying, "I told you, it's an emergency at work. I have to go. Go spend the day with your family, enjoy yourself and I will see you tonight."

He frowned, unsure of himself "They haven't seen me for months and look at me, I will be ridiculed for this belly."

She slipped her hands around his new girth and kissed him saying, "your entire family is fat, and you've always been the thin one...I should think they'd certainly not bother and certainly not care. And Thanksgiving is always a huge feast with them, they won't even know you're there. But remember, don't gorge all at once...eat steady but constantly." She reached up and kissed his thickening neck, her tongue exploring the new softness there.

"Promise me, eat steady, keep full, don't rush and I'll see you tonight."

She was right, he thought to himself as he relaxed, home again and exhausted, naked but for a light robe draped about him. He had visited with family and friends as he grazed the buffet tables earing steadily for over four hours, plate after plate disappearing as if by magic. He was astounded by his new capacity even though she had fed him a huge breakfast that morning.

Not a word was mentioned by anyone. He remembered sighing with relief....no innuendoes, no lame remarks about his increased girth. He had to admit a lot had to do with how she dressed him now, loose shirts and stylishly soft lounging pants. Good fashion concealed a lot of sins he smiled to himself.

A sharp twinge of gas caused him to gasp and he massaged his swollen and stretched belly helping ease the abused abdominal muscles deep under his fat. Damn, he wished she was there. It wasn't until the last half hour of the buffet did he start to slow a bit. But it wasn't from lack of trying, he had found it almost impossible to get to his feet, his engorged belly almost pinning him to the deep sofa he had claimed for the entire afternoon.

At the end to keep his plate full he had recruited a young nephew who sat and watched him wide-eyed until he finished each delivery and waited until each morsel had slid down his uncle's throat before returning with more.

But now he was home, slowly digesting, nursing a glass of bicarbonate of soda as she had instructed him. He parted his robe and looked down at himself in awe. He was immense, swollen beyond all reason. He stroked her favourite spot lightly, his fingers discovering a new crease which had formed at the base of his sternum. In doing so he felt a familiar tingle and a new warmth, his fingertips barely sinking in to the tight. distended flesh. His belly was a horizontal shelf, rounding out in front of him. He lightly traced his finger down the centre of his belly, pressing gently every so often in disbelief.

As his finger reached his out of sight naval and slipped in, he shuddered with pleasure.

Spreading his legs gave him some relief as his ballooned abdomen settled between them. The sensation of his belly flesh sliding heavily against his sensitive inner thighs was incredibly arousing and he felt himself harden. The feeling was exquisite, borderline orgasmic and he swam dizzily, sleepily as if drugged with some exotic opiate.

Yes, drugged with rich food. Sleepy.

So sleepy in the warm, dark room. Yes, warm, aroused, totally full, not hearing her enter, barely feeling her soft lips brushing his stretched skin, her small hands gently soothing small circles on the sides of his belly.
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Lovemesomebi... 5 years
very nice, very good. i likey.

the underbelly is a wonderful place.

HOT :-)

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more belly pics! i like that you like small women. chat soon, L.