A valentine surprise

chapter 1

So round and soft and smooth, appearing almost hairless he was so fair, his beautiful clear skin pale and delicate.

And so much of it, she smiled to herself.

Her affection for him swelled inside her, enough almost to make her heart burst. She knelt and reached down, her fingertips gently following the huge curve of his abdomen pooled next to him on their bed as he slept.

She felt him twitch as her touch slowly brought him to a groggy wakefulness. She knew he would be slow to respond, still glutted with his recent midnight and early morning feedings but it was the dawn of a new and very special day.

"Happy Valentines day baby"...she whispered, stroking his soft curving flank..."I have some special treats to fill that big belly, and afterwards a special holiday surprise to make you all mine."

Oh yes...I'm going to fill every nook and cranny of that chubby delicious body with all these special chocolates, she thought, massaging that swelling tummy as I get it full of them, then even more as you digest and afterwards...? Well after is your special surprise.

I hold the first of many of the rich fattening creations to your lips, knowing how the rich fat and sugar will surge through that magnificent digestive system, eventually becoming the buttersoft flesh I adore so.

I watch you eat slowly, seeing the rich creamy confections disappear down that soft fat throat and fill the last empty spaces in your already overfull stomach.

I gently massage your belly, helping ease the increasing distension just a bit so you can finish. I want you very very full today.

"You're getting so big baby", I whisper, and my center pulses as i feel your abdomen stretching, swelling before my eyes.

"That's a good boy, doesn't it feel so good to fill that tummy? feeling your stomach grow heavier and fuller as you finish my treat? mmmmmmmm."..

I lick a smudge of chocolate from your lips and then blow softly into your open mouth. I watch you blush the same way a baby does when you gently do the same and my heart surged with affection.

"You're such a pretty fat boy, and so very fat, but I want to make you fatter. I want to see that huge tummy swell and fatten, sagging lower and lower between your thighs when you sit for me."

You nod blissfully, obedient, and perfectly malleable; still swallowing the last few pieces. My tongue is firm as it slips across your lips, parting them to explore the inside of your mouth, tasting the recent sweet richness now inside you.

My lips are soft, my fingers gentle as they probe your now fully inflated abdomen, full from esophagus to colon, one magnificent curve from just below your breasts to a deep curve vanishing between your widespread thighs when you sit on the edge of the bed like that.

I kiss you deeply, enjoying that sweet taste, feeling your warm tongue dancing with mine. I run my hands under your breasts as we kiss, grabbing the soft fat, squeezing, and taking immense pleasure in just running my hands over you, experiencing you. Your taut swollen stomach now firm under the fat I have coated you with, your huge underbelly now a softer, deeper convex curve.

"Yes my sweet fat man, you're my chubby valentine...one I desire to keep swimming in unimaginable pleasure, loving the feel of your soft fat moving in my hands and between my fingers as I baby you, fatten you."

I kneel back and admire your form, the amazing, protruding arc of your belly when full like this, the sag of the fat between your thighs. "Look at how beautiful you are" I say, "my growing fat boy"...I sigh and kiss your belly.."mmmmmm...delicious...but I want to make more, see this belly growing even larger, your breasts fuller and heavier. Tell me yes, baby."

Yes, I see you nod, your eyes doe soft and trusting. You know I want to see you get fatter, your belly so fat it pushes your legs apart when you sit, to watch you swaying with that developing waddle...to see it spreading between us on the bed, a huge mountain of soft blubber and know that you want it as much as I.

You know I ache to see my dear sweet fat man struggle to do simple things, like putting on his shoes, trying to button his jeans under that impossibly huge gut... to know he require my help to hold it up because it's growing so big, to have him pose for me on his hands and knees, his belly resting on the floor, some day soon so fat it bulges out between his legs.

I moan softly, feeling that familiar pulse deep in my pelvis.

Imagining those wonderful things, feeling that familiar twinge inside me makes me want to take you right now, push you to your back and straddle that belly, to feel your soft fat squeezed between my thighs and mold it against my center as I straddle you, feel your belly fill the concavity of mine as I float over you, coating you with my slippery warm wetness, then finally sliding you inside me, so incredibly hot and wet as I sink onto your throbbing shaft making us one.

Oh yes, I will moan as I rock in the soft saddle of your thighs and belly, riding you, squeezing and playing with your fat belly while I take you like that, thrusting down, pushing your fat out of the way so I can get more of you inside me.

Mmmmmmmmmmmm, yes, all of those things my luscious plump Valentine. And afterwards both of us naked and sticky...soaping you in the shower, my hands sliding all over your corpulent body. God you're fat, I will say, and you're going to get fatter...a lot fatter. And I will feel you shudder, growing more erect inside me as I whisper my plans for your future.
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Liz Blue BBW 9 years
Oh my....what wonderful valentine fun
Csmith 9 years
@@^^^. No one is better at this than Bilt4com4t, no one.
Gainerfan1 9 years
Somebody get this man a publisher!
Fatlilboy 9 years
You're always solid
Junepearl 9 years
A fine contest addition. How will we judge these?