Aaron and jen

  By TCC

Chapter 1 - aj 1

"Jenna!" Amber yelled, shaking Jen's arm vigorously. She woke up in a panic checking her surroundings for the assumed danger. She was then reminded that they were at the beach, with a couple of the girls from their sorority. She looked at Amber whose hands still clutched her shoulders. Amber was respectably muscular so her grip was beginning to hurt. Jen gently took her hands into her own and smiled at her.

"What is it?" she said, laughing. Amber leaned in with an excited expression.

"There are boys here," she said, giggling. Jen rolled her eyes.

"No shit Sherlock. This is a beach and they take up half of the population. Of course there are boys here." She ran her hands through her chin length sandy blond hair and laid back down on the Love Pink towel.

"Yeah I know smart ass. With an attitude as gruff as that I don't think any of the nice boys from Omega House 13 will be interested in you," she said with a sly grin. Jen looked at her with a surprised yet gleeful expression. Almost as if to say, 'really!?!'. Amber cocked her head to the left and scratched her head. Jen looked in that direction and saw the boys hanging out with beers in hand just a few yards away. But she had one specific guy from Omega she wanted to see. Aaron. But she couldn't find him and frankly he was usually pretty easy to spot. He was a little taller than six feet with thick brown hair and green eyes that could kill. He would be worshiped by all the ladies if he lacked one thing. Aaron was kinda, well chubby. He was visibly muscle-y, but had a thick little coating of fat all around. That was her thing and not having to fight over the guy she wanted with other girls was always nice. But for some reason she couldn't find the balls to just go up to him or even say 'hey'. She had French with him and just sat a few seats over form him and the entire class she feel like she'd explode. Her mental frowning merged to the outside.

"Don't worry babe, fatty's here, somewhere," Amber said. She always teased Jen for liking bigger guys, but coming from her it was never hurtful.

"Seriously!" She squealed, hugging her as if she made him come here.

"Yeah he probably went to get food or something." Now Jen looked at her with a face that themed unimpressed.

"Really. That's what you come up with. Very original Amber." She laughed.

"Well sorry it was either that or he went to the bathroom and there's no nice way to think of someone in a port-a-potty." Jen shrugged with agreement, seeing her logic. Then a smile spread across her face.

"What?" She asked.

"I guess being original doesn't really matter just as long as I'm right. And boy was I right." She then started rolling around on the towel laughing. Jen looked up and saw Aaron walking up to his brothers with two plates stacked atop one another with at least 10 burgers together.
She looked back at her again, unimpressed. Amber wasn't the kind to be rude to people's face, but boy did she love making fun of fat guys, an opposite quality that drew them together.

"They are obviously for his brothers."

"Yea yea. So when are you going over there."

"Oh my god I couldn't."

"Don't be a little punk. We know Chris. Why not." Chris was tall and blond and looked like they used him as the model for the beach Ken doll. Amber thought he was the shit. Jen admitted he was cute, but wouldn't dream of doing anything with him.

"Yea but," she began, but she was being dragged over by Amber's strength again.

"Hey Chris," Amber said placing her hands on her hour glass hips. She blew her brown sloping bangs out of her face and flashed her white teeth. Jen forced herself to pay attention to them, knowing Aaron was just two chairs away from her.

"Oh hey," Chris said, giving Amber a hug that allowed his hands to land on her curved ass. "What a tool," Jen thought to herself. "Do you ladies want to come into our little castle we got here?" He motioned to the E-Z up Gazebo they had set up. Amber quickly said yes and Jen nervously stepped in and took a seat next to Amber who was lovingly looking at Chris. "Hey Aaron," Chris said, giving her the opportunity to look at him as if to hear the conversation. He looked over at Chris, and paused to smile at her before giving him his full attention. She didn't even have a chance to smile back, she was so stunned. "Good thing you kept your shirt on huh. Now we got two hot girls in this bitch." A look of shock flashed on Aaron's face but just as quickly turned to a grin.

"Yeah. I know right," he said with a half-hearted laugh.

"You're so mean!" Amber said, playfully slapping him on the arm. "But do you really think I'm hot." Jen shook her head. Amber had such low taste in guys. But then she probably though Jen had bad taste too. She looked over at Aaron again. He had on a white sleeveless tee shirt with blue and grey board shorts. She thought he looked amazing. His soft and plentiful paunch pushed against the fabric showing an indentation where his belly button was. Jen felt her legs twitch and squirm a little and looked away before anyone noticed. She had to talk to him, say something.

"Hey Chris?" she said.

"Yea," he said leaning forward.

"Whatcha got in the cooler?"

"Uhhh...Mike's, Coors, and I think there are some wine coolers too."

"Awesome." She got up and moved to the one of two coolers that was closest to Aaron. She bent down, feeling a little like Amber, hoping she could use her ass to hook his attention. She grabbed a lime wine cooler and turned around. Success. He shook his head slightly and looked up at her, slightly embarrassed he got caught. She pretended she didn't see though.

"Hey," she began. "Can I uh... sit here," she said daintily pointing to the chair next to him.

"Yeah totally." She sat down hoping her face wasn't showing her nervousness. She looked at her drink as a distraction.

"Oh crap," she said involuntarily.

"What?" he said, turning to her slightly.
"Oh...um it's just that it's not the girly twist cap I'm so used to."

"Don't worry. I got you." He leaned away from her and dug into his shorts pockets. His shirt rode a little and his chubby side came into view. He had the most adorable red stretch marks branching from inside his shorts. She stopped ogling when he came back up with his keys, wielding a dark blue bottle opener on it. He took the bottle from her gently and pried the cap off.

"My hero," she said beaming at him.

"It's like I always say, 'If you can't look good for the ladies the least you can do is open their bottles'," they both laughed. She thought he looked more than good enough though. "So how are you liking the heat Jenna?"

"Oh please just Jen. And it's nice. How about you?" She asked, not able to carry the conversation with her own ideas.

"I'm liking it. But sometimes my *** can't take it. Got to get inside, you know?" All she could do was laugh. She didn't think his self-deprecating thing was all that cool, but figured he was trying to protect himself. You know, like beat them to the punch, except he's punching himself first.

"Well do you want to go in the water real quick?" Where the *** did that come from. She wasn't supposed to say that. But he nodded anyway. She got up with him and he pulled his shirt over his head, her eyes peering over the mouth of her bottle at his gut, while his face was still in the shirt. He threw it in his chair and she took a long gulp of her drink and put it in the cup holder.

"Aaron, where are my cookies?" Zack, one of his brothers said, getting up to the cooler.


"You know. Hmhmmm," he said poking Aaron's belly, mimicking the Pillsbury Doughboy. Jen heard Amber giggling.

"You're such a dick," he said smiling but sounding like he meant it. They walked towards the water and he shoved his hands in his pockets.

"That was so ***ed up," she said almost silently. Aaron looked down at her and smiled.

"It's alright. I'm pretty much used to it." Jen nodded unsure of what else to say. They got to the water and she stopped. Aaron turned around.

"What's up?"

"You're gonna laugh at me," she said blushing.

"I promise I won't."

"Ok. I don't like the rocks and shells at the beginning part. And my dad always used to carry me over when I was little. I usually get on Amber's back now. But," she said trailing off.

"Well that I can help you with." He bent his knees slightly and held his arms to his sides.

"You sure?"

"I have zero problem letting hot girls get on my back." She got a short running start and hopped on his back, wrapping her legs around him. His thick, but soft hands held onto her thighs. She crossed her ankles in front of him and he let out a grunt.

"What's wrong?"

"Hey, Kangaroo Jack. I do have friends up here," he said.

"Oh. Sorry!" She felt all hopes for them died then. First time they do something remotely cute, she kicks him in his junk. Great. She raised her legs as best she could. They suddenly came into contact with his belly. And if girls genitalia was external, Aaron would know that the excitement she felt somewhere on his lower back. She could tell he sucked it in or tightened his abs, something, because it suddenly felt like almost nothing was there.

"Well we have hit sand."

"Ha. Thank you captain. I had a great ride." She kissed him on the cheek and slid off. The water, well warmed by the sun, felt amazing. She looked to Aaron who was smiling at her.
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Justcantnot 9 months
This was so sweet. Aaron's confession that he likes eating too much as long as Jen rubs his belly runs through my head all day. Thank you.
TCC 9 months
Thank you! He's truly my most sensitive and sweet character. I poured all the mush into him.
Justcantnot 9 months
More mushy feedees, please!
Lol8ka 11 months
please update!
TCC 11 months
I have been working on other projects, but have been wanting to finish this one up. Feel free to message me with any ideas to wrap these up.
Lol8ka 1 year
I love these two - please more updates!
VET 10 years
Asi 10 years
I love this story smiley
VET 10 years
TCC 10 years
Its' not the end and it will definately end well.
VET 10 years
I liked the beginning, then it became sad and now I hope there will be a happy end.
Thecollegefa... 10 years
I think Chris should put on some pounds. Strength training with off days would be good.
BigPatK 10 years
Also, what happened with the character Zach from the frat house? Would be interesting to see what all that friction was about
BigPatK 10 years
I hope you to back to explore the 4some idea. I was looking forward to reading more about that. And hopefully you won't let him lose any weight
Sim23 10 years
Jen takes him to the gym but also allows him cheat days on his diet in which she stuffs him and replaces protein shakes with weight gain shakes. Jen even gains some pounds on this diet
Knightorder 10 years
Fantastically well-written. I hope you continue to write.