By TCC

Chapter 1 - twins 1

"*** you!" Mike's alarm blared. His eyes flew open and he squinted at his phone. He hit the snooze button and closed his eyes. He blindly felt around his queen sized bed for his blankets, but gave up, too tiered to care. He was close to sleep when his door burst open and the curtains pulled from the windows, letting in the fiercest of light and a wave of cold air.

"What the ***!" he grumbled. His twin brother/roommate sat on the edge of the bed.

"Come on big guy. You know we gotta get out there. The sooner we start working the sooner we can do something tonight." The two worked in landscaping and had to mow the lawn of this old rich lady. It would take five hours to do and noon was creeping up on them. The grass would be dry already and made the work easier.

"What are we doing tonight?"

"Don't know. Probably score some chicks." Mike gave a sarcastic "ha". Every time the two of them went out it was the same. Mark would talk up some hot chick and take her home with them and Mike would sit in his room while he heard the headboard bang against their shared wall over the already loud DVD. He used to get mad about it, but decided it was probably his own fault. He and Mark were absolutely identical, except for their metabolisms. Mark's was extremely fast and Mike's very slow. Ever since high school Mike had been the "fat twin". They never were called the wrong name despite their faces being exactly the same. Mike never made an effort to loose weight. Him and his bother did the same of everything and Mark didn't work out, so neither did Mike. He knew if he would just lose 40 lbs. he'd get the female attention he wanted, but frankly he liked being a big guy most of the time. Both were over six feet tall and while Mark was around average weight, Mike was over 250 lbs. Both of them played football in high school which gave them well developed muscles. The only difference was Mike's were invisible to the eye, but girls would certainly feel them if they'd only touch him. He got up after his brother left. He threw on some old jeans and a tee shirt with the company logo on it. He got in the passengers seat of the green truck and they drove off.

"Hey do you want breakfast? I'm craving Burger King's French toast sticks," Mark said. That was exactly what Mike wanted, but he thought it was probably not the best idea.

"Nah. I'm alright?" Mike lied casually. Mark looked over in panic.

"What do you mean your alright? We gotta eat...I mean you, you gotta eat."

"Yeah, because I'm just gonna waste away right?" Mark was defeated. When Mike got into his moods there was nothing to be done. But Mark didn't like doing things without his brother. He didn't even like brining girls home. When he was ***ing this one girl, he could hear Mike in the other room reciting some parts of Shallow Hal, their favorite movie. He wished he was in there with him instead. That made Mark feel pretty dependent on Mike. Sooner or later he'd have to live apart form Mike and that thought scared the shit out of him. Mark sighed.

"Fine," he said. He decided to skip breakfast as well. They got to working and the resentful attitudes dissipated. On the way home Mark decided not to inquire about lunch, even though he was starving. He felt the hunger amplify just thinking about how Mike was doing himself. Without thinking, he pulled into the McDonald's drive thru and ordered four burgers and two large fries and cokes. Without thinking Mike accepted the food and the brothers demolished their late lunches. Mike rubbed slow circles on his round belly and felt a surge of pleasure. He looked over at Mark who, patted his flat stomach, with questioning eyes.

"Yeah," Mark said.

"Yeah?" Mike asked.

"Eating a lot always just makes me feel good. I thought it was weird, but I knew you did too so," he said with a shrug.

"I didn't notice till now though," Mike said. He always felt good with food in his stomach he just never put two and two together. Mike looked over at Mark feeling a...something screaming in the silent air.


"I wish I was fat," Mark said looking at Mike's protruding stomach then into his eyes. This was news to Mike. He looked up at Mark questioningly.

"No you don't Mark."

"But I do. It looks better than this," he said pointing to his flat middle. "There are girls who dig it. I've seen websites and there are chicks who would cum themselves if they say you eat lunch. Something as simple as that. I want that Mike." Mike shook his head deeming all Mark said as bullshit. Mark felt the disbelief in his brother and sighed again and drove them home.

Mike went into his room, unsure whether he was angry at Mark or not. Was he just messing with him? Or were there really girls out there who not only didn't mind him being fat, but actually liked it? He doubted it. But he knew that Mark would never mess with Mike's feeling like that. He never let on that being the fat twin bothered him, but Mark knew and when people would give Mike shit for it and wouldn't quit Mark would tell them to chill out. Mark was a great brother and maybe he was right. Maybe their was some girl looking for a guy like Mike. Mike looked down at his fat stomach, doubt creeping back in. He got up and found Mark sitting in the living room. He looked up with hopeful eyes. Mike sat in the lazy boy adjacent to the couch Mark was lounging on. "So. Are we hitting the club tonight?" Mark smiled.

"I thought you didn't like the club."

"I do. Especially with this new prospect of girls into fat guys.."
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VET 8 years
Now and then I look if you did write something and this time you did. I'm happy
Obsessed 11 years
aww beautiful!! i loved it!!!
Jill24 11 years
Really sweet well written story!
Debela 11 years
Great work! I really like this a lot and I hope you continue.
Built4com4t 11 years
well done *champagne cork sfx*
TCC 11 years
yea you hundred plus is 100% allowed and actually its required!!! jk but it\'d be nice you know