All hands below decks

chapter 1

...she was in San Francisco with friends. It may have been a party, could have been an art or business seminar, she didn't tell him. If she did he probably wasn't listening, from his tangible excitement on the phone she guessed he had other things on his mind.

She left her hotel wearing a short dress that went to mid thigh the color of dark turquoise blue, tight around her pert breasts and tied under with black ribbon. She wore knee high black stilletos, a long silver necklace with a large heart on the bottom and dark blue eye shadow on her eyes.

It looked like eye shadow anyway, it had been a long night for her, up all night at her friends house overlooking Golden Gate park.

She woke remembering she had promised to meet him in front of the Mark Hopkins, 10am sharp.

Typical, she arrived five minutes late, out of breath, barely aware the fog was lifting to expose the glittering bay. She caught a glimpse of a limo parked in front, the driver (a handsome latino in full livery) standing there patiently holding a sign with her name on it. She looked at driver, pointed at the sign, saw him nod, and then slid into the limo knowing she's late.

He touched his cap in a small salute, closed the door and started the car. On the seat next to her she found a rose and a note tied to a large bag from one of the more expensive women's shops in the city.

As the big car migrated slowly down the hill, working its way through morning traffic, she tried to calm her breathing as she read the note.

"Trust me" it read. Opening the bag she saw in it a state of the fashion art bikini and jacket, sturdy tennis type shoes with blue sequins, and a whistle. Puzzling over the whistle, she turned the note over and to read: "Put these on, sweet baby doll."

She smiled, and looking out over the cityscape realized the big car was approaching the beautiful San Francisco yacht harbor.

She pushed the intercom button... "Yes ma'am?"

"A little privacy please, I need to change" and she was gratified to see the opaque divider rolling up between them.

She quickly removed her clothes, slipping into the bikini as well as the jacket, tied the tennis shoes on and stuck the whistle in the jacket pocket with a grin.

The limo pulled up on the dock and she gasped as she saw him untying a large cabin sailboat.

It is beautiful, long and white. It was picture perfect... seagulls soaring overhead, the fog is slowly exposing the Golden Gate Bridge like a shy virgin lifting her skirt for her first lover.

But him! He was larger than she remembered from her last visit out here months ago. He was wearing a striped shirt which accented rather than hid a much larger belly, white shorts and white deck shoes.

"For me?..... it's wonderful."

"Yes, for you" he smiled as he took her hand and pulled her to him with a quick kiss on the lips.

"You gotten so big!" she whispered awestruck as she reached out to touch his curving front in disbelief. He blushed bright red "Yes, that's part of the surprise... I may have overdone it but it felt so good I couldn't help myself. Do you like it?"

He felt her small hands push in the sides of his abdomen and saw her eyes half close in pleasure and her tiny body tremble.

"Oh yes" she breathed leaning forward and standing on her toes to kiss him, "You feel so much bigger. I can hardly wait to see what you've done to yourself."

"Time for that after we get underway. Go aft and untie the line, then jump aboard and look the thing over. I haven't decided on whether i want to buy it or not, you can help me decide.
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FrecherTyp 5 years
a happy new year to you gifted writersmiley

and please yes write more ^^
Obsessed 8 years
A pleasure as always, B.
Instantly drawn into your writing, picturing it all in my mind.
Again, thank you.
Your biggest fan.
Obsessed x
BeSoft 8 years
ohh new chapters!! such a lovely romantic story!
BeSoft 8 years
ohh such a brillant story.. hoping to read more!
FrecherTyp 8 years
ohh such a lovely romantic story... thats why i regret not beeing rich that i couldn. t make such agreat surprise to a woman of my desire 🙂