An evening shared

Chapter 1

your stomach is huge. my large, gentle hand rests on its top. it rises as you breathe. you now feel a second hand side by side with the first. my rough tongue circles your navel, my fingers testing the softness of the surrounding fat. then suddenly you are unconfined, unbuttoned, free ...

and you are overcome. time blurs. you realize you're in the shower. i am behind you, soaping you. the steam is thick, and the heat makes your belly rise...swelling like new dough and it is full beneath your breast bulging out on the side...each little pocket inside of you is full.

i push you forward slightly, your hands on the warm tile wall. you feel my hands trace your hips either side and slip under your belly. your breasts sag like heavy plums as your belly kisses your thighs. you sigh at the feelings.

i make you arch your back slightly so your belly lifts. you can feel my fingers tracing deep underneath all along where your flesh folds over and my fingers sink into your i lift it...and caress it. the water rolling down your enormous front...dripping off i soap your breasts.

you can feel my fat softly press against your back. from behind i lift your abdomen gently and then lower it. Lift it and lower it, balancing it in my hands, liking the new heaviness.

and the feel of my plumpened flesh against ache to touch me...yet you are in such a dream like state, you arch your back further and beg for more.

your breasts seem larger than ever before, they are miniature versions of your glorious belly but tipped with hardened points, begging for a warm mouth and tongue to encircle them.

i am growing hard and back away as not to distract you. i work each breast alternately from its base to the tip, each slick with warm, soapy water.

you turn in my arms, a smooth, round globe of fat, all your senses riveted on your breasts and swaying stomach. our bellies slip across one another.

your eyes are closed and i kiss you briefly, but strongly, my tongue darting between your lips. then my warm breath is on your neck, and then to your chest as my lips begin working again each full breast. all wet...all soft and all plump.

while i suckle and mouth each breast, my hands slip down your sides and again cradle your tight and swollen tummy. i can wait no longer. i rinse you quickly and as the steam clears i towel off the mirror and position you sideways so you can see what i have done to you. i begin towelling you off paying attention to every crevice, every fold. you are mesmerized by your reflection...amazed at the proportions that i fed you to. you are overwhelmed, by your reflection as well as my fingers...everywhere, probing the depths of your fatness, noting a new thickness all over. i am pleased.

when dry, i pull a full tray of your favorite treats close to hand and encourage you to begin filling yourself once again. the room quiet...your feeding intimate and slow. i grunt slightly as i get to my knees to gauge your ever-deepening overhang.

it is larger than last weekend. i smile and nip it with my teeth. You have consumed the entire tray and are beginning to pant slightly. i support you carefully as we move to the bedroom, one arm around your back, the other cradling your now tightly stretched belly. you walk with heavy steps...stopping and helping me steady your swaying belly for comfort...sighing and yet...whimpering.
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Chubbybellygirl 12 years
Okay this is my favourite so far. So hot.
Maximum 15 years
lol be nice if thier was a version for guys...
16 years
I LOVE this story!
Lizzyny 17 years
I could just close my eyes...and I'd be there. Nice story.smiley