chapter 1

"Those look a little big on you" he smirked

"Daniel! What the fuck?!"

I had been busted.

It had started as a bit of innocent snooping. I'd been going out with Dan for a couple of months now, we had started getting more comfortable around each other, comfortable enough to leave each other unattended in our respective apartments.

It was one of those days, he had to work and I had the day off, I'd opted to stay at his rather than go home just to come back later.

My curiosity had gotten the better of me and I'd decided to have a look around.

I went in the seldom used spare room, it mainly housed empty appliance boxes and old clothes. Looked through the cupboards in the kitchen to see if he had any out of date food, he was pretty on top of it. I then went and looked through his wardrobe, to see what outfits I could pick out for him in the future or what I could tease him for fashion faux pas. What I found though turned my day upside down.

Nestled toward the back behind some shoe boxes was an old cardboard box. In it I found things.

Ladies things.

I went through a range of emotions that day.

At first I was furious, I considered ringing him up at work and balling him out, or maybe just leaving and never seeing him again but I decided I'd sit here and stew, waiting for him to get home so I could do this in person. Yeah that was a better idea.

As the day wore on I looked through the contents of the box. There was a dress, some underwear, some perfume, makeup and a couple of hair brushes among other things. As I held some of the items it dawned on me, they were awfully large.

Oh my god! Was Daniel a cross-dresser?!

My mind was racing a mile a minute, my growing anger had suddenly been turned to anxiety and frustration.

Fuck, I didn't care if he wanted to dress as a woman, I just wish he'd told me and I hadn't found out like this.

These feelings were quashed however as I looked over the pair of heels - a size 7, there was no way Dan would fit in them, he was a solid 11.

I laughed at myself for being so silly and briefly imagined Daniel as "Danielle" but then the original question returned - just whose clothes were these?!

As the hours wore on I did little but mull the question over and over in my head, aimlessly taking out each item and looking at it.

I had the panties in my hand when it dawned on me, just how big a girl would wear panties like these? What size were they? 22?! Bloody hell, she must be massive.

I lay the dress out on the bed and placed the underwear over it, they were big, bigger than anything I'd ever touched I think.

I held the dress up against me, damn you could've fit two of me in that thing and still had room for more.

For some reason I had this overwhelming curiosity, I had to see what I'd look like in the dress. To see just how much bigger it was, I'd never dressed in clothes that didn't fit me and it intrigued me.

As I stripped to my bra and panties I got hit with another spark of curiosity. Those panties. How much space would be in them?

I was surely going mad, wanting to wear someone else's panties?! What was wrong with me?

I gave them a quick sniff to make sure they were clean, they smelled of his fabric softener. That bastard what was he up to?!

I stripped naked and stepped into the panties. I pulled them up and was ogling myself in the mirror when his voice snapped me out of my day dream.

"Those look a little big on you"
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PrincessBlurmy 3 years
@Shammyboy I added chapter 3 today because I had some free time.
Shammyboy 3 years
Is this getting an update?
Fatchance 3 years
Great story so far!
PrincessBlurmy 6 years
I will be continuing it eventually yes but it has fallen down the list of priorities i'm afraid.
Ulvrik 6 years
Love it! this is a really good and inspirering story smiley
Theswordsman 6 years
Reminds me of bluebeard definitely enjoying it.
Jazzman 6 years
I read the rewrite and it looks great! This story is going to Rock
PrincessBlurmy 6 years
Thanks for the heads up Jazzman, didn't know that was an outdated term and now I do.
Updated and hopefully no offence was taken as none was intended.
Thanks once again.
Jazzman 6 years
Very nice! This has a World of potential. I would suggest that cross-dresser was the word you were searching for when you put transvestite.Just sayin'.
Can't wait for more.
Jktab 6 years
very interesting start, i hope you continue