chapter 1

And there she was, Ayna, sleeping peacefully without imagining that that day would change my life forever ...
Ayna was a 18 year old girl was tall for a woman (174 cm), of Spanish origin because of his father and Argentina because of her mother. She was a woman larger than average, near the adjective rather chubby and plump, but tanbien complexion was large, it was one of those body types that however much we fight to lose weight, could never be quite thin.
Despite being big female and she was incredibly safe and much of it was due to family support ...
Weighing 72kg divinely spread, gave him a large prominent hips acompas of long, round and thick legs with a light touch of cellulitis that are starting to become more pronounced since the last 5kg that you could classify this young bellisima in a pear shape poderosa.Estas thick legs remain stuck most of the journey covered from knee to thigh Ayna hypnotic arriba.Los become prominent at the hips providing a slight curve that makes a very nice visual effect when accentuate the hips and the way fat is deposited, forming lines with magnificent muscles and tendons buried under these hams. With a soft belly that hangs not far from it, but it offers three beautiful rolls when this sitting protruding a little by giving a suave.Ayna pants look is dark-skinned, as if it were a permanent tan beach, carrying two jet black eyes deep as caves abisales.Con long hair that falls short of a magnificent big ass with a little more cellutis in the legs and a very prominent way, two large buttocks, form a broad and juicy rear that is an invitation to delirio.Con the pear shape inherited from the mother, and the eyes, skin tone and hair of the father, magifica surprise and question where they have gone, two amazing breasts size 100 and D cup They are the perfect complement to the figure of my perfect woman physically.
For tanbien is a very clever woman, has always been a remarkable student, likes reading and if something to eat next to perfect. AcompapaƱar schemes were quiet Ayna more sports to do this with their slow metabolism and its largest complexion have the effect of acquisition of a kg every certain amount of time.
She has always felt very secure about their bodies.
Raised in a nuclear family in which both parents are chefs and especially his mother, a large woman, a heavy form of pear and pastry expert about 130 kg, have raised her daughter under the acceptance of self support and a religious complicity by the food, which is always present in the house and delicious taste Ayna have never helped to maintain the line. Ayna thing while accepting your body has always had to struggle to not inflate like a balloon fish and willpower of Ayna who decides the fate of his line. Normally usually I eat what you want but without many excesses, although lately takes a few weeks with the will power off ...................
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