chapter 1

She was beautiful. Long auburn hair tumbled along the curve of her back in waves, small pieces being blown by the wind. Her eyes were electric blue, standing out against skin that probably didn't find summer too agreeable. You looked her over. Stunning.
She had broad shoulders that suggested that in some life, at some time, she might have been an athlete. However, the curve of her stomach as it pressed against the thin fabric of her tee shirt seemed to imply that it wasn't this life or this time. The girl was beautiful, at any rate. More beautiful than you had ever seen.
Soft curves. Devilish smile playing at her lips. This was a girl you wanted to know. And yet? You made no move to initiate conversation. Surely this goddess had no desire for your presence.
She moved fluidly, as if nothing came more naturally to her. You couldn't say the same for yourself, always stumbling and miscalculating your movements. Always saying the wrong things and making a fool of yourself in front of people you wished only to impress.
You wanted to feed her. Hear her light, breathy groans as she attempted to take in more food than her stomach had the capacity to accommodate for. You shook the thought from your mind. Those thoughts would only be allowed, you told yourself, if you ever managed to introduce yourself.
She looked like the type of woman who deserved to have people waiting on her, hand and foot. Like she felt at ease with herself.
Perhaps that was why you were so enamored with her. She stood like this body was meant for her, like she couldn't have picked better if given a choice. None of your past girlfriends had oozed the confidence she did. They spoke only of diets, ignoring all reassurances that they were beautiful.
"Hi." You burned red. Had she caught you staring? "I've seen you around before and I have to admit, you intrigue me. Always staring off into space. I couldn't help but wonder if you might want to hang out sometime."
You grinned.
"I would like nothing more."
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