Being kneaded

chapter 1

She kissed him fully awake, loving his baby-like soft innocence, his round face relaxed and dreaming. He had fallen asleep but the scent of baking had brought him to semi consciousness.

She caressed his large abdomen, feeling his once engorged stomach had softened as he digested.

"I'm baking pumpkin bread this time baby," she whispered into his ear "working on the dough for your last batch...can you hold out for a bit?"

He leaned back and locked his hands behind his head with a satisfied sigh, his too tight shirt riding up the crest of his abdomen.

He sighed as her fingers trailed over his exposed skin, and replied with a sleepy grin "this big gut could use some kneading when you're done with the bread."

Eager to please her man she began at his silken soft underbelly now flowing heavily out onto his thighs, and as she manipulated him she admired her creation, this spectacularly fattened male form that would shortly be again round and tight after gorging on her rich baking.

He groaned at the delicious sensation of his intestines shifting as she probed deep into his butter soft underbelly fat, blushing red as he stifled a quiet burp.

She smiled, knowing the timing of his digestion process intimately. "Don't worry, it's cute" she whispered, "we'll let it out and make room for more." Helping him, she slid her entire arm under his lower belly and rocking it gently, like a cradle, watched his fat sway from side to side with the motion.

He felt himself growing aroused as he glanced down and saw his belly move side to side as if it was a living thing, her arm and hand invisible, only the feel of her palm against the underside of his growing apron, the back of her hand knowingly brushing against his rising erection.

Her hands slipped, serpent-like, up his rounded abdomen to the very crest of his softening stomach, her long fingers digging into his flesh, feeling him shudder and shiver as her fingernails gently grazed the flesh arcing out from beneath his breasts then down each side.

"You are so fat", she whispered her center tingling.

He covered her hands with his and pressed them into either side of his protruding belly. "You did this," he said quietly pressing harder until her hands almost disappeared into the soft fat sides of his belly, "...and I love it. I want you to make this bigger, fatter...please? I am so incredibly aroused right now."

"I did do this my sweet fat baby, and I don't have any plans of stopping" She moved their hands down the sides of his belly and began to gently sway his roundness side to side. "The fatter you become, the more erotic you will find it, and the harder it will be to "take care of business", so you'll eat more, which will make you fatter, creating an inescapable cycle." She swayed his belly a bit faster, knowing it was brushing his swelling manhood with every pass. "Of course, I'll take care of you, if you're a very good boy. "

He groaned at her words, his arousal near complete as she gently teased his cock with his own belly fat...that realization helping drive him into nirvana. "Yes, I want that, I want to do that for us because I know it turns us both on." He released her hands and reached for her, wanting to feel her arousal but she moved away just out of his reach, continuing to stimulate him, giving him pleasure being pleasure for them both.

She smiled at the need and desire in his eyes, knowing he was teetering on the brink of his orgasm. She continued to sway his great belly back and forth as she spoke, "First, you will grow out of your current sized clothes. Then, you will notice that the new shirts you bought 2 sizes too big are getting snug." She heard a rumble deep in his chest. "Then the pants that were 3 sizes too big will begin to cut into your belly." The rumble increased as she continued swaying his belly and talking about his unavoidable expansion.

He had long ago lost control and was totally under her power as she slowly and skillfully brought him to his brink and with one quick shake pushed him over the edge, carefully watching his face, his eyes closed as he zenithed, her timing impeccable she slid both hands under his huge belly and lifted, knowing the stretching of his underbelly skin would magnify his orgasm threefold. Smiling she felt his hot sperm ejaculate against the backs of her hands as she felt his abdomen spasm in his pleasure.

Bringing his orgasm quickly triggered her own, so aroused she was by his shuddering climax, his spasming thigh against her center was all it took for her to breach. The pressure built deep within her, her breath accelerating as her delicate inner petals spread and her maidenhead slid against the round soft fat of his thigh, her hands full of him. Her legs tightened around his thigh and shook along with the rest of her body, anticipating the eruption that was imminent, her back arched as she fell over her precipice, her breasts heaving, her body slicked with sweat as she exploded over him. Again and again crying out in ecstasy, her body in mindless bliss as orgasm followed orgasm.

Exhausted, she relaxed into him, her womanhood still throbbing from the intensity of her rapture.

The smoke alarm ignored.


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oh yes, I can only agree with them
Another wonderful arousing story.
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You had me at "as she gently teased his cock with his own belly fat"... another masterful piece! Thank you!
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I love this story!! I wish this was my life hah!