Big muffin

chapter 1

Danny, a sophomore in highschool, always had a huge fat fetish. He's been forced to hide it his whole life but he's finally had enough. While wondering around Costco, he comes across the bakery section. The brand new chocolate chip muffin. *makes consumer gain rapid weight* He assumed it was a mass gainer for body builders. He took home a case of 6 and broke them open. He ate a whole muffin. He read the box *caution! Do not eat more than 1/8 muffin at a time! Cause extreme weight gain. 400 pounds/ half a muffin.* he began to shutter. He looked down at his belly, it started to expand. His toned abs turned into flabby blubber. His pecs turned to 46G cups. His legs started to turn into huge logs. He went to his basement where he would have more room to grow. In 5 minutes he was 500 pounds. The gain started to slow a bit but still noticeable. The chair he was sitting in snapped. He plummeted to the ground and jiggles as soon as he hit. 1000 pounds of pure blubber lay in the middle of the floor. The other 5 muffins sit on his boobs just out of reach. He enjoys his massive body. His sexy step sister comes jiggling down the stairs from her huge tits. "Jesus Danny! How many muffins did u eat?" She screams. She stuffs a few in her mouth. "I only had one" she sits down in try concrete. "Oh lord! My hot beach bod!" Her breasts expand first. Her bra pops open to reveal huge, perky boobs. She tries to cover herself up but does not. Her torso and arms soon get too fat to move at all. She is bound to the floor by gravity. The once 120 pounds goddess is not a 2500 pounds tub of lard. "What now?" Danny. "! I need them!" She could barely speak from the fat on her face. "No no! Those are mine!" He reaches and shovels the last two in his mouth. "Ok here we go!" His arms and legs plump up more, his balky grows past his legs and his boobs outgrow his sisters. Two once toned teens are now 3tons, 6000 pounds together. In one basement all in their naked glory. Their fat folds oozed every where and they both were too heavy to comprehend there sheer size.
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Ifmusicbe3 5 years
“The once 120 pounds goddess is not a 2500 pounds tub of lard.”

You, uh, may want to proofread this one again.
Knightorder 5 years
I like the concept, but would love to have a bit more buildup and fleshed out details.