Valentines day buffet

chapter 1

Sarah got a text from her husband at 4 that afternoon about their date. Sarah was a former model. Ie working for a finance job to earn money. She was toned and busty. Her ass came out and was like a shelf. She arrived in the restaurant to see a buffet line and her husband Harry, sitting at the tables she goes straight to the line and starts chowing down. Her plate is piled high with greasy as fattening food. Now that her modeling days were over, she could pig out and gain a few extra pounds. She was don't woth her first plate and went to get a second. When she sat up, her belly was poking out jog her shirt. She grabbed the gut, looked at her boyfriend and went for 3 more plates. You could see her belly growing as her food came down to her belly. Easily 10 pounds of food into the meal, her seat was getting too small. Her fatty rolls went through the arms of the chair and oozed like play dough. She was finished and she was 20 pounds heavier. She was helped out of the restaurant and when she went to bed she brought snacks and a hose.
"Now sweetie, you will blend thousands of calories this blender, fill up this and I will drink it as I sleep"
The boyfriend happily abliged. She came back with 5 gallons of shake and a funnel. She went to bed with the tube in her mouth and woke up fatter than ever. They both skipped work and fed Sarah instead. She ate constantly. Once a cute, thin, 120 pounds goddess was now a 275 pounds goddess. She was now obese and jiggly everywhere. Her boobs were bigger and they sagged. Her ass was titanic. It looked like she was sitting in a beanbag chair. It shifted up and down with every step and she loved it. For months to come she would quit her job, become a Feedee and gain weight. 2 months later, she was well over 400pounds. Her stature made it hard to move and every doorway was a challenge. Her belly was a sea of fat and cellulite. She loved her life and a new decision came with her new lifestyle. What would she do when the day came to become immobile?
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