Popular girl gets what’s coming.

chapter 1

Melissa was a strong willed bitch. Straight blonde hair, blue eyes, thin waist, and a bubble butt. Her breasts were E cups and bounced in her low cut tees. Melissa liked to make others feel bad. She bullied a girl to suicide last year but her father, a wealthy lawyer, got her from all charges. She never learned from the lesson and continued to make fun of kids personality, smell, religion and her favorite to make fun of...weight. She was walking behind a girl about to push her. She shoved her onto the ground. He shy girl got up and said nothing. She left behind a small piece of blueberry gum. Instead of making the girl aware of her gum being kissed, she took it and would save it for later. Being bored in class, she took the gum out of her pocket and popped it into her mouth. She saw no difference but felt funny's her face turned into a pale blue and it spread to her belly, visible due to her crop-top.
"Holy shit! What's happening to me!!! No one look!"
Everyone looked. Her hips stretched out her pants. Her fatty belly Pooled over the desktop. Her hips were contained by the desk. She began to grow so heavy, her chair broke. She plummeted to the ground bouncing a few times to show its not fat. Her fingers ran there way up and down her body. She grabbed her tit and jiggles it got fun. She felt her ass grow and her belly spill out of her pants. She took a rounder shape as she grew fatter and fatter. Her crotch was now lower than her feet. She was a perfect ball in minutes. After the swelling stopped, her head hit the ceiling. She her body pushed the deskes out of the way. She looked way more relaxed that she should have been. Eventually, she stayed there for hours and days as doctors true to get the best way to get her out. Without popping her. She was oblivious to everything and preoccupied with satisfying her hornyness. As a sophomore, she had never orgasned. She had titty fucked more guys than she could count but never got anything for herself. She asked the EMT medic to push the desk to her pussy. He obliged and saw her trying to rock back and forth. Eventually, blue liquid spilled out of her vagina and she was satidfied. The wall of the school had to be pulled out to rescue her. She was airlifted out. All the students sat in the soccer field, watching Melissa being carried away. Days passed with no word from her. Eventually, news came in.
"Local girl turned into blueberry: Popped"
Her small frame was too small to hold over a ton of juice. They showed tapes of it happening. She had grown to double the since she had left. Her belly was bright red, tight. She was completely naked as not blanket could cover her. You saw her belly explode. All that remained was a pile of juice.
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